High Moss @ 50: 18-20 May 2018

High Moss @ 50; Andy and Jean Llewellyn

Andy Llewellyn writes:

High Moss was officially opened by Frank Kiernan on the 18th of May 1968. So fifty years to the day will be Friday 18th May 2018.
We therefore intend arriving at High Moss earlier that week so that celebrations can commence on the Friday. Hopefully the weather will be kind and a couple of good walks are planned for the Friday and Saturday and also climbing on the local crags, or of course just come along and do what you please.
There are already a good number booked on the meet (quite a lot of camper vans) so there is still room within the hut…or for a quite night, camping could be a good idea!
Food will be provided for the Saturday evening celebrations, but please bring your own booze or other refreshments.
It would also be good to have a display of pictures from ‘down the years’ particularly from the early days of the hut or other notable events…ideally, please send copies in advance…or bring along on the day.
To ensure we have enough provisions please email Jean (see handbook for contact details) by the previous Monday evening 14th May.

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