Beudy: 70 years old and going strong. 21-22 April 2018

The lease on Beudy was signed on 22 April 1948, so we thought we’d have a ‘bit of a do’ for its 70th birthday over the weekend of 21/22 April. We’ve not really planned anything so you can come and do your own thing. Pop in for the day if you want. Cocktails and nibbles will be available from late afternoon Saturday and Granville is doing some food for us, so please let us know if you intend coming. Peter Harding did the first ascent of Trilon on the inaugural Meet held on 24/25 April 1948 – maybe someone can do something similar! There will also be stuff from the archives for you to look at. If you have any photographs of Beudy and its inhabitants over the years, then please bring them (if you can’t make it, please contact either of us and we’ll try and sort something out).We expect it to be busy, so the sooner you tell us the better.

Steven and Bill

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  1. Hello Bill, Steve
    I have unearthed my black and white film negatives of the photo of Beudy Mawr used in ‘This Mountain life’ on page 53. It was actually taken on 9 January 1982 (so says my note alongside). I could get a print made and send it to you in the next couple of weeks. Will that be useful? What size would you prefer? You may have an idea of how you intend to show any pics yo receive. Just give me an indication because the processor will need to know. I will not need it to be returned to me.

    John Allen

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