A: Dunsop Bridge, Fell, and Valley; 10.4ml, 1900ft
B: Kerridge, White Nancy, Lamaload

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07/12/2022 10:00 - 16:00

A: Dunsop Bridge, Fell, and Valley; 10.4ml, 1900ft
Coordinator: Gary Bunting
Start: Dunsop Bridge SD660500
Pub: None
Maps: Forest of Bowland OL41
Route: Dunsop Bridge, Burn House, Burn Side, Dunsop Fell, Whiten Dale and back along side Dunsop River
NB:Could extend a bit via Brennand Fm and / or Croasdale Ho

B: Kerridge, White Nancy, Lamaload
Coordinator: Richard Evans
Start: Roadside near Hollin Hall Hotel, Kerridge SJ935771
Pub: early doors (to be decided on the day)
Route: White Nancy to Kerridge End (SJ945751). South East to Vale End (SJ945751) Vale Royal towards Higher Ballgreave Farm then left onto Hooleyhey Lane to Parking at SJ975752 and skirt the north end of Lamaload Reservoir to the Waterworks. Then steep uphill to Yearns Low Farm. From there north to B5470 at SJ961769. West to Clarke House, High Cliff onto Oakenbank Lane. Left onto Gritstone Trail to pass to the North of White Nancy and back to the start.

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  • 08/02/2023 10:00 - 08/02/2023 16:00

    A: Shillito Wood, Cartledge, Common Side, Cutthorpe, Linacre & Moorhall; 12.25ml
    Done: 16/10/2002 (Ian Howie)
    Start: Parking Shillito Wood SK295750
    Pub: Peacock Inn, Cutthorpe
    Maps: - 1:25,000: White Peak E
    AM Route : (7 mi) Rd SSW to rd junction 294748; track/ fps/rd N/Ely by Fox Lane Plnttn, junction 293766, Bank Wood to B6051 311765; fp NEly S of Horsleygate to rd Cartledge Hall 323773; lane/rd/fp SEly by Brindwoodgate, 'Dam' to rd junction Common Side 340754; rd/fps/Ford!/Common Lane Sly to rd Cutthorpe 344735; rd SWly to 340733, Peacock Inn.
    PM. Route : (5.25 mi) Rd 250m Ely, overshooting planned fp; lane SEly to Cutthorpe Hall; fp SWly to fp junction 342725; fps & various concession paths Wly by Water Works, Linacre Wood, , to fp junction 317727; fps/rd/fp N/NW by Bluster Castle, Barlow Grange, Grange Wood to rd Moorhall 310747; rd 1.5km W to 296747; informal fp N thro wood to cars

    B: Chapel Milton, Eccles Pike & Buxworth; 6.9ml
    Done: 26/01/2022
    Start: Chinley Chapel SK055820
    Pub: Navigation, Buxworth 023820
    Maps: Dark Peak W
    AM Route: Rd E 200m, fp SW/W under rly to rd 051818. Rd SW to Laneside 049815, fp WSW to Eccles Pike. Fp 100m S to rd, rd WSW by Hilltop to Sunart 020808. Trk/fp/rd Nly to Buxworth, Navigation.
    PM Route: Trl Ely to rd 050817, rd 100m NE to 051818. Fp E, under rly & over FB, trk/rds NE/W to cars.

  • 15/02/2023 10:00 - 15/02/2023 16:00

    A: Standedge, Marsden, Pule-Hill; 12.0ml
    Coordinator: Ian Helliwell
    Start: A62 at the end of Redbrook Res dam SE025099; park on verge (or end of Mount Road SE028101)
    Pub: The Station or The Riverhead Marsden
    Maps: OLl21 South Pennines, OL1 Dark Peak
    Route: North on footpath round to Thieves Clough. Ascend to meet Pennine Way. Follow Pennine way north to SE004121. NE to March Hill (if too boggy we'll turn right down Rapes Highway). E down to March Haigh res. Eastward to Tunnel End via The Dean, Lower Green Owlers and footpaths to Berry Greave. Canal to Marsden. Pub (either the Station or The Riverhead).
    Pack horse bridge at SE047117 then S to A62. Footpaths S via Manor Farm to ascend and head W to air shafts at Firth Pule. W then N to follow edge up to summit of Pule Hill. S down to cross Mount Rd continue S to SE033097 then SW to SE035097. Follow gutter E then SW then W round to Swellends Res. E to Black Moss res and Pennine Way. N to meet the old road (Standedge Trail). E to SE031096. N round to Redbrook Res and back to the cars.

    B: Middlewood Way, Lyme Park; 7.4ml
    Done: 01/09/2021
    Start: car park by Middlewood Way SJ942827
    Pub: Boars Head Poynton    SJ943833
    Maps: Dark Peak West
    AM Route: to rd, fp E/SE via Haag Farm to canal. Cross, fp/rd ENE to 955824, S/E to Bowstonegate,    N/NW/N over Cage Hill, Parkgate, trk SW to Macclesfield Canal. Towpath S to 945832, where cross rd to pub.
    PM Route: Middlewood Way S to cars.

  • 22/02/2023 10:00 - 22/02/2023 16:00

    A: Mow Cop, Bosley Cloud; 11.5ml
    Coordinator: Geoff Pettengell
    Start: Mow Cop Castle NT CP SJ859576
    Maps: Landranger 118: Stoke-on-Trent & Macclesfield, Wilmslow, Explorer 268: Macclesfield & Congleton, 258: Stoke-on-Trent & Newcastle-under-Lyme
    Route: Mow Cop to Bosley Cloud and then back to Mow Cop using some of the Gritstone trail and some other paths/tracks.

    B: Mow Cop, Ackers Crossing, Macclesfield Canal; 8.6ml
    Coordinator: Ian Wasson
    Start: Mow Cop Castle NT CP SJ859576
    Pub: ED Ash Inn, Mow Cop
    Maps: Landranger 118: Stoke-on-Trent & Macclesfield, Wilmslow, Explorer 268: Macclesfield & Congleton, 258: Stoke-on-Trent & Newcastle-under-Lyme
    Route: E to Mow Cop Castle, NE on Gritstone Trail to 866584, where N to Corda Well Tank. SWly to Ackers Crossing, E/SW by canal, follow to 834562 where SE/E to Rd. E on rd, fp N to Mow Cop and cars.

  • 01/03/2023 10:00 - 01/03/2023 16:00

    A: Grindleford, Millstone, Stanage & Bamford Edges, Bamford & Hathersage; 11.5ml
    Done: 07/11/2001 (Ian Howie) 10/10/2007 (Reg Boot) 16/10/2013 (Chris Massey) 25/10/2017 (Gerry Oliver)
    Start: Grindleford Station SK251788
    Pub: Anglers Rest, Bamford
    Maps: - 1:25,000: Dark Peak E & White Peak E
    AM Route : (7 mi) Fps/informal paths (with difficulty) Nly/NNEly by Bolehill Quarry, below Lawrencefield Edge, over A625 248801, traverses & scrambles ending up at top of N end of Millstone Edge , on past Higger Tor to rd 256823; informal fps NW to & along top of Stanage Edge & down Causeway; fp NWly below edge to Crow Chin area approx 224855; difficult ground W to fp & Sly by Bamford Edge Quarry down to rd 216840; rd/lane (Leeside Rd) SWly down Bamford Clough to Bamford, Anglers Rest
    PM. Route : (4.5 mi) Rd (Joan Lane) SEly to 213830; fp SE/ESE over golf course by Strawhay Barn to rd Coggers Lane 225823; rds/fps etc down Sly over A625 227814 & SEly to Leadmill Br; fps E/SSE on E bank of Derwent to fp junction 244789; fp/lane Ely back to cars

    B: Grindleford, White Edge, Froggat Edge; 9.1ml (or shorten to 7.1ml)
    Start: Grindleford Station SK251788
    Pub: ED The Maynard or Sir William, Grindleford
    Maps: - 1:25,000: Dark Peak E & White Peak E
    Route: climb SE, across rd, fp E to White Edge. S/SW/SE to rd at 276740. Fp SW to Wellington's Monument, N to cross rd onto Curbar Edge. Continue along Froggat to cross rd, N to cars. To shorten, descend from White Edge at 267751 to rd.

  • 08/03/2023 10:00 - 08/03/2023 16:00

    A: Wetton Mill, Hilldale, Ford, Winkhill, Waterhouses & Weag's Bridge; 11.5ml
    Done: 04/06/1997 (Russell) 27/05/2009 (Jim Bintcliffe)
    Start: Wetton Mill SK094561
    Pub: Ye Olde Crown, Waterhouses; OK, good beer
    Maps: White Peak W - 119 Buxton, Matlock & Dove Dale
    Route AM: Fps/rd W/SW/WSW up side dale, by Hillsdale to Grindonmoor Gate 074549; fps/rd WNW/SSW (coffee) by Ford, over Hamps to Ford Fm; fps Sly by Stonyslack, over rd 063520, to A523 Winkhill 060514; fps S side of Hamps (lunch) by Willow Ho, New Ho Fm, Caldon Mill to Waterhouses, Pub
    Route PM: Manifold Way E from behind pub, & A523 to 091501; Way Nly down Hamps, a bit boring but with fine scenery, to jn with Manifold; Nly up Manifold to Weag's Bridge (tea) & cars

    B: Wetton Mill, Narrowdale, Hulme End; 8.6ml
    Start: Wetton Mill SK094561
    Pub: Manifold Inn, Hulme End SK112594
    Maps: White Peak W - 119 Buxton, Matlock & Dove Dale
    Route AM: cross river, fp E/NE/E to rd at 115567, rds/fps Ely by Greenhills Cottage to 126567 where N to Narrowdale. Fp/rd Nly to Lower Hurst Farm, W to Hulme End.
    Route PM: Rd E, fp SE/S across FB to rd at Westside Mill. Rd Sly via Ecton, fp SE/S, descend NE /S to cars.

  • 15/03/2023 10:00 - 15/03/2023 16:00

    A: Edale, Jaggers Clough, Gate Side Clough, Fair Brook & Grindsbrook; 12.75ml
    Done: 06/06/2001 (Ted Dance) 04/07/2007 (George Wilks)
    Coordinator: Gavin Young
    Start: Edale Car Park SK124853; ; pay and display
    Maps: - 1:25,000: Dark Peak W & E
    AM Route : (7 mi) Rd E 750m; lane N 700m to Ollerbrook Booth; fps & concession paths (part not open?) ENEly to Jaggers Clough 153874 ; clough/moor up NW/W to 590m trig point 129878; NW to Blackden Edge & W/NWly to top of Gate Side Clough 114889; NNE/NWly down clough & to Snake Inn
    PM. Route : (5.75 mi) SE to Fair Brook & WSWly up Brook to approx 'Fords' ; SEly by Crowden Head to drop on to Grindsbrook fp from side clough at 107872; clough/rd ESE/SSE back to cars

    B: Edale, Barber Booth, Mam Tor; 7.8ml
    Coordinator: Ian Wasson
    Start: Edale Car Park SK124853; ; pay and display
    Pub: ED Old Nags Head, Edale
    Maps: - 1:25,000: Dark Peak W & E
    Route: Rd N to Pennine Way, fp W/SW to Upper Booth. Fp SE via Barber Booth, where rd S, fp/rd E/S to foot of Mam Tor. Fp NE round Mam Tor (or go over), along ridge to Hollins Cross where descend NE/N to Backtor Bridge. Rd NE under railway to trk N, fp WSW to Edale.

  • 22/03/2023 10:00 - 22/03/2023 16:00

    A: Friden, Long Dale, Gratton Dale, Youlgreave & Ringham Low; 10.0ml
    Done: 17/04/2002 (Ian Howie)
    Start: Friden SK172608
    Pub: George Hotel, Youlgreave; Ex cellent, nice sandwiches and meals, Open All Day
    Maps: - 1:25,000: White Peak E
    AM Route : (6 mi) Rd NEly to 175612; fp ESEly/NE by Long & Gratton Dales to rd Dale End 211614; fp E then rd/fps NNW by Mawstone Fm to River Bradford FB 209640; lane/rd NEly to Youlgreave, George Hotel
    PM. Route : (4 mi) Rd 1km WSW to 203640; fps SWly to R Bradford & to 199633; fps E/S by BSs to lane 202626; fp SWly to Weaddow Lane; trespass/fp Wly thro Kenslow Wood to dewpond 185623; lane/fp SWly by Ringham Low to rd 177618; rd SWly to cars

    B: Friden, Biggin; 8.2ml
    Start: Friden SK172608
    Pub: Waterloo Inn, Biggin
    Maps: - 1:25,000: White Peak E
    AM Route: (4.2 mi) High Peak Trail NW to 160620, lane SW to rd 152614, rd SW to Tissngton Trail. Trl S/SE to 159596, fp/rd SW/W to pub.
    PM Route: (4 mi) Rd/trk E/SE to 172587, fp/trk NE to High Peak Trail 185590. Trl NWly to Friden and cars

  • 29/03/2023 10:00 - 29/03/2023 16:00

    A: Kirk Ireton, Black Rocks, Alport Height; 12.0ml
    Done: 10/04/1996 (Ian Howie) 13/04/2005 (George Wilks)
    Start: Kirk Ireton SK266501
    Maps: White Peak W
    Route AM: Fps/rds Nly by Moorside Spring Fm, Stainsbro Qy to rd 262532, rd/fps NEly, scramble on dolomitic rocks 266539 ;on to High Peak Trail 272548, trl Ely to Black Rocks
    Route PM: Fps/rds up E/S,down (R & L at 293551) by Bolehill 298543, rd SE to 306533, fp/rd/fp/rd Sly by The Bent, Sycamore Fm to Alport Height; Sly to Bowmerlane 306510;fps/rds Wly, Norman Hill Fm, over B5023 284504,Alton Hall, Kirk Ireton and cars.
    NB:AM and PM reversed from original to avoid Black Rocks parking, so lunch may be too 'early'.

    B: Monsal Head, Ashford in the Water, Bakewell, Little Longstone; 8.0ml
    Coordinator: Richard Evans
    Start: Monsal Head SK185715; Roadside Parking or Pay & Display.
    Pub: Packhorse Inn, Little Longstone (early doors)
    Maps: 1:25000 White Peak
    Route: Drop down to Monsal Dale and follow river to A6. Straight across A6 and go west following River Wye to Ashford in the Water. Keep following the river until SK 215689 at ‘weirs’ just past Lumford Mill . Turn left and follow path until it joins the Monsal Trail. Turn left and leave the Monsal Trail at SK 193711 and head North West to Little Longstone and the Packhorse Inn. After beers back along the road to Monsal Head