A: Stanage & Bamford Edges
B: Ladybower, Win Hill; 6.1ml

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12/01/2022 10:00 - 16:00

A: Stanage & Bamford Edges
Coordinator: Debbie Marsh
Start: Cutthroat Bridge SK217874
Pub: Anglers rest
Maps: Dark Peak

17.19km 10.56 miles 439.93m ascent

AM 11.65km  PM 6km
AM: Rd to Moscar, then along edge to Long Causeway 240844, down through Plantation to N.Lees, Wly by Greens House Sk2291 8377 SWly to Upperhurst farm SK2233 8355 SSWly to SK 21228312 WNly on FP to the Anglers rest.

PM NEly leeside road to crossroads and footpath along Bamford edge SK2146 8394 Nly along Bamford Edge, then path Ely across Jarvis Clough to shooting track back to cars.

B: Ladybower, Win Hill; 6.1ml
Start: Roadside on A57 SK197864
Pub: Ladybower Inn (early doors)
Maps: Dark Peak
Route: Rd E/S to cross bridge (A6013). Rd/fp S to 200854, W across dam. Trk/fp S/SSW to 194840, fp
NW/W to Win Hill. Descend W a little then fp NE to reservoir, where trk E/SSE to dam. Cross and
retrace to cars.

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  • 26/01/2022 10:00 - 26/01/2022 16:00

    A: Outer Edge and the Little Don from Langsett; 11.0ml
    Coordinator: Mike Gregg
    Start: Langsett CP SE210004
    Route: Langsett Reservoir, Hordron Clough, Howden Edge, Outer Edge, Midhope Moors

    B: Chapel Milton, Eccles Pike & Buxworth; 6.9ml
    Coordinator: Jim Bintcliffe
    Start: Chinley Chapel SK055820
    Pub: Navigation, Buxworth 023820
    Maps: Dark Peak W
    Route AM: 4.1mi Rd E 200m, fp SW/W under rly to rd 051818. Rd SW to Laneside 049815, fp WSW to
    Eccles Pike. Fp 100m S to rd, rd WSW by Hilltop to Sunart 020808. Trk/fp/rd Nly to Buxworth,
    Route PM: 2.8mi Trl Ely to rd 050817, rd 100m NE to 051818. Fp E, under rly & over FB, trk/rds NE/W
    to cars.

  • 02/02/2022 10:00 - 02/02/2022 16:00

    A: Shatton, Leadmill, Stoke Ford, Bretton Clough, Bretton & Abney Moor; 11.0ml
    Coordinator: Gerry Oliver
    Start: Shatton roadside SK203825
    Pub: Barrel Inn, Bretton; Jammed to the doors but warm & welcoming
    Maps: Dark Peak E; White Peak E - 110 Sheff & Hudder; 119 Bux, Mat & Dove Dale
    Route AM: Riverside fp ESEly to Leadmill Br; rds Sly to 231799; fps/etc WSWly/SWly by Highlow
    Brook, Stoke Ford, Bretton Clough, Nether Bretton to Bretton, Barrel Inn
    Route PM: rd Wly to 190781; fps Nly by Abney Grange, Abney Moor t jn 190802; fp/Shatton Lane NEly
    down to cars

    B: Leadmill Bridge, Abney, Bretton & Stoke Ford; 8.1ml
    Start: Roadside parking on B6001 North of Leadmill Bridge SK234807
    Pub: Barrel Inn, Bretton 201779
    Maps: 1:25,000 Dark Peak E & W Peak E- 1:50,000:-10 Sheff & Hudders& 119 Buxt Matl & Dove Dale
    Route AM: 4.3 mi Fps/rd W/SW on S side of Derwent by Mount Pleasant, Offerton Hall to Abney
    197797. Fp Sly to Bretton.
    Route PM: 3.8 mi Rd ESE 400m, lane/fp NE/Nly to Stoke Ford 211795. Fps/rds ENE by Hazelford Hall
    back to cars.

  • 09/02/2022 10:00 - 09/02/2022 16:00

    A: Bowland Bimble; 12.7ml
    Coordinator: Gary Bunting
    Start: Bolton by Bowland CP SD784493
    A ‘pastoral’/ river side route from Bolton by Bowland. Skirden Bridge, Bolton Peel, Holden, Newhurst,
    Wittons Farm, Flass, Paythorne, Windy Pike, Ellenthorpe, Fooden, King Henry's Well

    B: Wash, South Head
    Coordinator: Debbie Marsh
    Start: Wash SK061820
    Route; TBA

  • 16/02/2022 10:00 - 16/02/2022 16:00

    A: Mam Nick, Mam Tor. Lose Hill, Jaggers Clough, Edale; 10.0ml
    Coordinator: Richard Evans
    Start: Mam Nick Car Park. SK124831; ; Free to NT Members otherwise Pay and Display
    Pub: Ramblers in Edale (near station) SK123853
    Route: Mam Nick onto Mam Tor, follow ridge to Lose Hill, drop down to SK167844 and take path left to
    Townend. Then bottom of Jaggers Clough, via YHA to Edale. Then back to Mam Nick via Greenlands

    B: Mam Nick, Hollins Cross, Back Tor, Edale; 6.1ml
    Start: Mam Nick Car Park. SK124831; ; Free to NT Members otherwise Pay and Display
    Pub: Ramblers Edale 123853
    Maps: Dark Peak
    Route AM: 4.3mi fp N via Mam Nick onto Mam Tor. Fp E to Hollins Cross and Back Tor, fp NW down
    to Backtor Bridge. Rd NE for 200m, then fp NNW, W thru Ollerbrook Booth to Edale. S to pub (just
    before station).
    Route PM: 2.8 mi Rd, fp S/SW/S via Harden Clough Farm, Greenlands back to Mam Nick and cars.

  • 23/02/2022 10:00 - 23/02/2022 16:00

    A: Middleton, Elton, Winster, Birchover & Cratcliff; 10.0ml
    Coordinator: Ray Grover
    Start: Middleton SK196632
    Pub: Druid, Birchover 236622
    Maps: Dark Peak W
    Route AM: Fps broadly SEly by Rock Fm 211619 & S of Anthony H Elton, rd/ln/fps E/SE/E (Lst Way)
    to Luntor Rocks 249609, fps thro Winster to Birchover, The Druids
    Route PM: Fps(?) Wly to 225623, look round Hermit's Cave, Cratcliff & Robin Hood's Stride, Lst Way
    NWly to River Bradford below Youlgreave, up by river to Middleton

    B: Middleton, Elton, Birchover & Cratcliff; 8.2ml
    Start: Middleton SK196632
    Pub: Druid, Birchover 236622
    Maps: Dark Peak W - 119 Buxton, Matlock & Dove Dale
    AM 4.2m: Rds S/SE to 202626, trk/fp S/SE to Gratton Grange, rd NE/E to Rock Farm 211619. Fp SEly
    to rd 217614. Rd/fp SE to Elton Church, rd E to 229610. Trk (Limestone Way)/rd N to 229616, fp/rd
    N/Ely to Birchover, Druid.
    PM 4.0m: Rd/fp/rd WSWly to 229619. Limetone Way NWly to River Bradford below Youlgreave, SWly
    by river to Middleton.

  • 02/03/2022 10:00 - 02/03/2022 16:00

    A: Marsden Circuit; 13.0ml, 2000ft
    Coordinator: Gary Bunting
    Start: Marsden Station SE047118
    Maps: OS Explorer OL21 - South Pennines
    Route: Marsden, Stack End, Denshaw Moor, Dowry Resr, Broadhead Noddle, Castle Shaw, Black Moss
    Resr, Wessenden, Marsden

    B: Grindleford…..
    Coordinator: Chris Massey
    Start: Grindleford Sta SK250786

  • 09/03/2022 10:00 - 09/03/2022 16:00

    A: Stoney Middleton, Froggatt Edge Grindleford, Leadmill & Sir William Hill,; 10.7ml
    Coordinator: Gavin Young
    Start: Stoney Layby, A623 SK227757
    Maps: Dark Peak W - 110 Sheffield & Huddersfield; 119 Buxton, Matlock & Dove Dale
    Route AM: Rd/fps Ely by Knouchley Fm to Derwent & N to cross Froggatt Br, rd S briefly then up
    Ely/Nly to Froggatt Edge and Froggatt Pinnacle, scramble up gully behind pinnacle, Edge Nly/NNEly &
    over rd 255776, fp/rd/fp NNWly by Hay Wood, Tumbling Hill to Grindleford stn. Trk/fp NNWly E side
    of rly to Kettle Ho, under rly Leadmill Br, rds SEly, SWly to Hazelford Hall, rd/fp over Eyam Moor to
    Sir William Hill rd 225780, Edge Road fp Sly to Towm End and Stoney.

    B: Stoney Middleton, Froggatt & Calver; 6.6ml
    Coordinator: Debbie Marsh
    Start: Stoney Layby, A623 SK227757
    Pub: The Bridge, Calver 247744
    Maps: Dark Peak W - 110 Sheffield & Hudds; 119 Buxton, Matlock
    Route AM 4.3m: Rds E/NE to New Road 234759, fp/trk E to Froggat Bridge, rd S 150m S, fp E/N up to
    Froggat Edge 249763. Edge fp SE to Curbar Gap, rd/fp/rd W to pub.
    Route PM 2.3m:View mill 24460 74456, Brightside Sough 24270 74468, rds NWly to 239747, and fps
    NW back to Stoney.

  • 16/03/2022 10:00 - 16/03/2022 16:00

    A: Woodhead circular; 12.0ml
    Coordinator: Mike Gregg
    Start: Crowden car park SK073993
    Route: Crowden, Pikenaze Farm, Salters Brook, Lady Cross, Far Black Clough, Woodhead Reservoir

    B: Crowden, Lad’ Leap, Tintwistle 8.7ml or Crowden Black Hill ?
    Start: Crowden car park SK073993
    Pub: None
    Maps: Dark Peak
    Route 8.7mi: rd/fp NNW to Pennine Way, S to 066995. NW/SW/NW to Lad’Leap, W/SW to 037985,
    SE/SW (short route leaves here) to main Woodhead Rd 030975. 100m along rd, W to Tintwistle (pub
    closed on Weds). SE across main rd, SE/NE to 031974, where cross reservoir. On S side of reservoir,
    NEly to 055981 where cross to N side of reservoir. Follow Pennine Way NE to cars.
    NB:Shorter route: 6.4mi

  • 23/03/2022 10:00 - 23/03/2022 16:00

    A: Froghall, Whiston Common, Old Star, Lord's Bridge & Dimmings Dale; 10.5ml
    Coordinator: Tim Taylor
    Start: Froghall Wharf SK027477
    Pub: Peakstones, Alston Common; good, welcomed, nice pint & landlady
    Maps: 810 Ashbourne & the Churnet Valley - 119 Buxton, Matlock & Dove Dale
    Route AM: Old trmwy NE/Ely to rd 046478, fp/rd/fps SSEly by Cotton Bank Fm, Oulsclough to rd Old
    Star 064456; rd/fps S/W by Beelow Hill (lunch with view), Farley 067442, Parkho Fm, Barbary Gutter to
    & over Churnet at Lord's Br; fps/ln/rd SE/Wly by Hansley Cross to Alton Common, Peakstones
    Route PM: Fp N down to Dimmings Dale; fp/rd WNW/N by Oldfurnace to Hawksmoor Cott; fps WNW
    by East Wall Fm to new fb (tea) at appx 029458 over Churnet to Ross Br; fp/Ross Lane ENEly to A52
    Whistonbrook 036471; rd/fps W/NW down to Froghall Wharf, ice-cream consumed

    B: Froghall, Oakamoor, Churnet; 8.9ml
    Start: Froghall Wharf SK027477
    Pub: Oakamoor
    Exact route tba

  • 30/03/2022 10:00 - 30/03/2022 16:00

    A: Torside Res, Wildboar Clough, Bleaklow Head, Ogden Clough & Tintwistle; 12.0ml
    Start: Torside car park SK067983
    Pub: TBA (Queen's, Old Glossop, early doors?)
    Maps: - 1:25,000: Dark Peak W- 1:50,000:-10 Sheffield & Huddersfield
    Morning Route: (8 mi) Concessionary fps SE across Longdendale Trl & up into Wildboar Clough at appx
    078982; bed of clough interestingly SE up (coffee) & to Bleaklow Head & Wain Stones; W/NWly to
    Ford 080965; fps etc Wly by Torside Castle, Cock Hill cabin (lunch), Clough Head, Ogden Clough to
    B6105 at Devil's Elbow 040971; fps etc NWly down to Vale House Res at 038977; waterside trks, fps etc
    S of reservoirs to Tintwistle where Church Inn was found closed, as was every other pub nearby
    Afternoon Route: (4 mi) A628/lane/various concessionary fps E/NE/ENE on N side of reservoirs (tea) to
    Torside dam 056984; Sly over dam to Trl; Trl/concessionary fp Ely/Nly to cars

    B: Fairholmes, Lost Lad, Wheel Stones.; 10.0ml
    Coordinator: Richard Evans
    Start: Fairholmes SK171893
    Pub: No pub; Early doors at the Ladybower if required
    Route: over the dam turn left and then steeply uphill turning right at the top through Lost Lad and Wheel
    Stones and turning right towards the reservoir and then folllowing track back to the Derwent Dam and
    back to the cars.
    NB:Steep to the top then very little climbing