Sparklow, Vincent House, Pilsbury, High Sheen & Longnor  10.25m

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26/05/2021 All day

Caution - route details may be out of date!

Sparklow, Vincent House, Pilsbury, High Sheen & Longnor  10.25m

Start: Sparklow (Hurdlow) 128659*

Pub: Cheshire Cheese, Longnor. Good, Robbies, well received

Maps: White Peak W - 119 Buxton, Matlock & Dove Dale

Route AM: **Trl S to 143639; fps SW/W by Darley Fm, Vincent Ho to rd

Pilsbury 121634; rd/fp/rd SW/S down over Dove & up to rd 116625; rd/fps/rd

Wly by High Sheen, S of Sheen Hill*** (lunch) to 105623; fps NW/Nly by Lower

Boothlow & river meadows to Longnor, Cheshire Cheese

Route PM: ****NEly down over Dove to rd 097661, up past Aldery Cliff            

to 098666, fp line WNWly to Hurdlow Grange, rd/fp to trl 123667, SW to cars

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  • 29/09/2021 All day

    A: Friden, Heathcote, Beresford Dale, Alstonefield & Biggin Dale; 12.0ml
    Coordinator: Stephen Wells
    Start: Friden, High Peak Trail, SK172607
    Pub: George, Alstonefield; Now a "fine dining restaurant" - use Cafe or The Watts Russell Arms in
    Hopedale instead?
    Maps: White Peak W & E
    Route AM: Rds to A515 Newhaven 166601; fps Wly by Horseshoe Plantation, Chapel Fm, to rd 145599;
    ln/rd/fp SWly to fb Beresford Dale 131584; fps W/Sly/SE by How Narrowdale to spot ht 301 134562; fps
    SW to Alstonefield, The George
    Route PM: Rd/ln/fp NEly by Gypsy Bank down to Dove 144569; stepping stones well under water &
    impassible, diversion S to Coldeaton Br; Dove & Biggin Dales Nly to rd Dale End 148595; rd ESE to
    Biggin Church; fps/rds NEly by Newhaven to Friden,.

    B: Friden & Biggin; 7.8ml
    Coordinator: Gerry (Geraldine) Goldsmith
    Start: Friden, High Peak Trail, SK172607
    Pub: Waterloo Inn, Biggin 152595
    Maps: - 1:25,000: White Peak W & E
    Route AM 4.0 mi: High Peak Trail NW to 160620, lane SW to rd 152614, rd SW to Tissngton Trail. Trl
    S/SE to 159596, fp/rd SW/W to pub.
    Route PM 3.8 mi: Rd/trk E/SE to172587, fp/trk E/NE to High Peak Trail 185590. Trl NWly to Friden
    and cars

  • 06/10/2021 All day

    A: Grindleford, Curbar, Curbar & Froggatt Edges & Millstone Edge; 12.0ml
    Coordinator: Gwyn Thomas
    Start: Grindleford Sta SK250789
    Pub: Fox House Inn; good, comfortable, even a bit too warm
    Maps: Dark Peak E; White Peak E - 110 Sheff & Hudder; 119 Bux, Mat & Dove Dale
    Route AM: Wly, over rly & S to Grindleford Bridge, fps etc Sly past Froggat Br, New Br to Curbar; rd/fp
    Ely up to Curbar Gap; fps NNWly/NNEly by Curbar Edge (lunch), Froggatt Edge to rd Grouse Inn
    258779; rd/trks Nly thro Longshaw Pk to the Fox House Inn
    Route PM: Rd/trk (Houndkirk Road) NEly to appx 275815; fps etc Wly across Burbage Edge, over Carl's
    Wark to Rain Gauge 253816; fps Sly past Over Owler Tor, under Millstone Edge (tea), fp (newLeader: )
    Sly from A625 248802 thro Bole Hill Quarry back to cars

    B: Grindleford, Fox House, Millstone Edge, Carl Wark & Longshaw; 6.7ml
    Coordinator: Gerry (Geraldine) Goldsmith
    Start: Grindleford Sta SK250786
    Pub: Fox House Inn 266803
    Maps: Dark Peak E; White Peak E - 110 Sheff & Hudder; 119 Bux, Mat & Dove Dale
    Route AM 4mi: Rd/fps Nly to fp jcn 257800, fps W/Nly to Rain Gauge 253816, fp E to Carl Wark
    258815, fp S to rd Burbage Bridge. Trk on SW side of rd to the Fox House Inn.
    Route PM 2.7mi: Fp/trk SSW through Longshaw Estate to rd 259782, rd 150m S. Fps W/S/NW to rd
    252784, rd/fp/rd N/W/S to cars.

  • 13/10/2021 All day

    A: Todmorden, Gaddings Dam, Stoodley Pike; 9.0ml
    Coordinator: John Crummett
    Start: Todmorden Station SD935241; at 10:15
    Pub: None

    B: tba

  • 20/10/2021 All day

    A: Calton Lees, Baslow, Birchen Edge, Robin Hood & Hob Hurst's House; 11.5ml
    Coordinator: Gerry Oliver
    Start: Calton Lees B6102, SK259683
    Pub: Robin Hood, Baslow ; Good, welcoming & comfy, dogs & boots OK
    Maps: - 1:25,000: White Peak E- 1:50,000:-19 Buxton Matlock & Dove Dale
    Morning Route: (6 mi) Fps Nly thro Park to A619 Baslow 256722; fps/rds etc NNE/ENE by Bar Rd,
    Wellington's Monument (coffee) to rd junction 278740; concessionary fps Sly by Birchen Edge (lunch) to
    B6050 264676 & Robin Hood
    Afternoon Route: (5.5 mi) Rd 250m W; concessionary fps ESE/WSW/SSEly to Hob Hurst's House
    286692 (tea); concessionary fps Sly to lane bend 284684; fp/rd (fp start not as on map) Sly/WSW/WNW
    down by Beeley Brook, thro Beeley to B6012 264676; fp/rd NNWly by Beeley Bridge to cars

    B: Edensor, Beeley Lodge, Chatsworth & Robin Hood; 8.0ml
    Coordinator: Gerry (Geraldine) Goldsmith
    Start: Edensor Church SK251699
    Pub: Robin Hood, A619 280721
    Maps: 1:25000 White Peak East; 1:50000 119 Buxton, Matlock & Dove Dale
    Route AM 5.0mi: Fp SE to & over Beeley Bridge,rd/ln by Beeley Hilltop to 272684, cncsn fp/estate rd
    Nly by Hunting Tower to Dob Edge 267715, cncsn fp NEly to Robin Hood.
    Route PM 3.0mi: Rd 200m W, fp down S to trk. Trk/fp by Jubilee Stone to bridge 257702. Fp SW/W to

  • 27/10/2021 All day

    A: Crowden, Laddow, Chew Reservoir, Arnfield, Longdendale; 11.0ml
    Coordinator: Geoff Edge
    Start: Crowden car park SK073993
    Pub: Bulls Head, Tintwistle; Closed Wednesday lunchtime
    Maps: Dark Peak
    Route: Road & path NW past Outdoor Centre and up to join Pennine Way, to Laddow Moss then W to
    Chew Reservoir. From dam continue on S edge of Chew Valley to 027015, then path SW over Ormes
    Moor to cross Ogden Brook and south above the clough to join Pennine Bridleway, then Arnfield Lane to
    Tintwistle. PM return via Longdendale Reservoirs, choice of route, shortest is to join Longdendale Trail,
    then cross Torside Dam and finish along the N side to Crowden.

    B: Crowden, Lad’s Leap, Tintwistle; 8.7ml
    Coordinator: Gerry (Geraldine) Goldsmith
    Start: Crowden car park SK073993
    Pub: None
    Maps: Dark Peak
    Route AM 4.6mi: rd/fp NNW to Pennine Way, S to 066995. NW/SW/NW to Lad’ Leap, W/SW to
    037985, SE/SW to main Woodhead Rd 030975. 100m along rd, W to Tintwistle (pub closed on Weds).
    Route PM 4.1mi: SE across main rd, SE/NE to 031974, where cross reservoir. On S side of reservoir,
    NEly to 055981 where cross to N side of reservoir. Follow Pennine Way NE to cars.
    NB:(Shorter route, no pub: 6.4mi)

  • 03/11/2021 All day

    A: Longstone Cressbrook Foolow; 10.0ml
    Coordinator: Ray Grover
    Start: Roadside parking at Monsal Head on minor road leading to Little Longstone. SK186716
    Pub: The Bull at Foolow
    Morning Route: Road E to Little Longstone. Footpath S to join Monsal Trail at SK194 712. Trail NW
    through tunnel over viaduct leaving trail at SK172 724 to drop down N to Cressbrook Mill. Road and path
    N via Ravensdale Cottages into Cressbrook Dale, past Peter's Stone and E to Wardlow Mires and A623.
    Path NNW to Stanley House, then NE and ENE to Foolow Bulls Head.
    Afternoon Route: Road S to Housley House. Paths S to Longstone Moor, continuing SSE to corner of
    Moor Lane SK196 728. Road S to path at SK197 721. W past Dale Farm into Little Longstone, W back to

    B: Monsal Head, Cressbrook, Litton; 6.5ml
    Coordinator: Gerry (Geraldine) Goldsmith
    Start: Roadside parking at Monsal Head on minor road leading to Little Longstone. SK186716
    Pub: Red Lion, Litton; Good
    Maps: White Peak
    Route AM mi:
    Route PM mi:

  • 10/11/2021 All day

    A: Head Waters of the Dean; 12.0ml
    Coordinator: Tim Taylor
    Start: Standing Stone Car Park (currently free). SJ977714;
    Pub: Leather’s Smithy
    Morning Route: Road FP road E to Clough Brook. Footpath NE to near Torgate Fm, concessionary fp
    easterly then N to Peak View café. FP N then NW to Shining Tor, W to approx. SJ989741 then N to
    Thursbitch. FP to Redmoor then road at SJ976749. FP NW then S to Higher Ballgreave, butties.
    Afternoon Route: Greenways and Whitehills to Forest, fp Wly to SJ963725 then S and SE to road and
    pub. Cross dam then Ely to road at SJ 959711, fp SE then E to Shutlingslow track, leave NEly at
    SJ971704 via Ferriser then cars.

    B: Macclesfield Forest circular??
    Coordinator: Gerry (Geraldine) Goldsmith

  • 17/11/2021 All day

    A: Forest of Bowland
    Coordinator: Mike Gregg

    B: tba

  • 24/11/2021 17:04 - 24/11/2021 17:04

    A: Longnor, Fawfieldhead, Revidge, Warslow & the Middle Manifold; 10.25ml
    Coordinator: Ian Wasson
    Start: Longnor Market Place SK089649
    Pub: Greyhound Inn, Warslow ; Super warm fire, well received, good but dear beer
    Maps: - 1:25,000: White Peak W- 1:50,000:-19 Buxton Matlock & Dove Dale
    Morning Route: (5.25 mi) Rds SWly to Heath House 081645; fp/rd/fps SW by Fawfieldhead to Boosley
    Grange 069625; fps SE by FB over Blake Brook to rd 079611; rd/fp S by Cuckoostones, (Meet Inner
    Circle), Revidge (lunch) to rd 078592; rd ESE to Warslow, the Greyhound
    Afternoon Route: (5 mi) Fps NNW/ENE by FB to rd at MP 091597; rd Nly 200m; fps NEly to rd near
    Hulme House 097608; rds N/NWly to rd junction 091620; rd/fps NEly/Ely over Manifold FB to fp
    junction near Ridge End Fm 097626; fps NNWly on E bank of river (tea), forced loop round lagoon at
    095639, back to Longnor

    B: Longnor, Sheen Hill, Crowdecote; 6.7ml
    Coordinator: Gerry (Geraldine) Goldsmith
    Start: Longnor Market Place SK089649
    Pub: Crowdecote?
    Maps: 1:25,000 White Peak 1:50,000 19 Buxton Matlock & Dove Dale
    Route AM 5 mi:
    Route PM 1.7mi:

  • 15/12/2021 All day

    Xmas lunch 2021
    Coordinator: Ray Grover
    Pub: Sportsman Inn, Hayfield