Reopening High Moss

Reopening High Moss

Steve Beswick writes:

An easing of the Covid restrictions has been announced by the English Government which allows High Moss to be opened as detailed below.

All bookings are subject to reading and accepting the Conditions of Use Document, accessed here.

UPDATE – please note that the usual huts fees apply and ignore the temporary fee structure in the Conditions of Use Document (third paragraph).

Members must not use the hut in any circumstances unless they have booked in with the warden.

All bookings will be made by one member who will be responsible for keeping the contact details of all occupants.

From 12th April High Moss can be used as a self contained accomodation.

The booking will be restricted to a single household or bubble.

There will need to be a seventy two hour “Fallow Period” between occupancies.

In practical terms this means that High Moss can be occupied at weekends from Friday to Tuesday morning.

From 17th May occupancy will be restricted to two households or bubbles.

It is expected that the two households will be known to each other.

The member making the booking will be responsible for keeping the contact details of all occupants

From 21st June we are expecting all restrictions to be lifted in England.

Between the 12th April and the 21st June ten weekends are available.

We will only take one booking per member.


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