Annual Dinner – Final details and good news

Actually lots of good news.Annual Dinner menu 2023

1 – this is the last time I will ever post about the 2023 Annual Dinner, I promise!

2 – the long range weather forecast looks great, a perfect weekend for walking, cycling and climbing

3 – there are 100 people coming to the dinner, and the really good news is that there is still time to sign up.   Although the final deadline is rapidly approaching and I need to know by next Friday (27th) at the latest.   No need to scan forms etc. if you want to come just drop me an email and I can get you signed up.

The final details

For those attending on Friday evening there is no fixed time for dinner in the hotel, but we will be aiming to sit down in the restaurant between 7 and 7:30.

On Saturday night, the plan is as follows

From 6:00 – Pre-dinner drinks in the main bar

6:45 – Start to take our seats for dinner

7:00 – Talk by Jon Morgan

7:30 – Dinner will be served

The picture on the left is based on the 1929 RC dinner menu by Arthur Burns.

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