Buxworth, Chinley Churn, Hayfield, Birch Vale & Ollerset*  9.75m

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16/06/2021 All day

CAUTION - route details may be out of date!

Buxworth, Chinley Churn, Hayfield, Birch Vale & Ollerset*  9.75m

Start: Buxworth basin 021821

Pub: Vine Tavern, Birch Vale: pleasant,welcomed; good, cheap beer

Maps: Dark Peak W - 110 Sheffield & Huddersfield

Route AM: **Rd/fps up ENE/NE by Brierley Green, Stubbins, rd 036827 to

The Naze 041835; fps NWly up over edge (strayed) to 032844 & Nly/NE down to

Phoside Fm; fp/ln/rds NW/NE by Meadows Fm & down thro Hayfield to the Sett

Trl 036869; Trl Wly to 015868 & S to A6105 014865 Birch Vale, The Vine

Route PM: Fps Sly/E/SSEly followed with difficulty up by Over Lee &

Cold Harbour Fms to Moor Lodge 022854; lane & unclear fps Sly down (wetly)

by The Haugh to Dolly Lane 017834; fps SW/S/SE to Knowltop; rds SW to basin

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  • 23/06/2021 All day

    CAUTION - route details may be out of date!

    Edale, Ringing Roger, Seal Edge, Kinder Gates & Grindsbrook*  9.75m

    Start: Edale Car Park

    Pub: Edale Nag's Head (Early Doors)

    Maps: Dark Peak W - 110 Sheffield & Huddersfield

    Route: Grindsbrook Booth, fp steeply to Ringing Roger, E then NWly to trig point 590, Wly via Seal Edge

    to Fairbrook, Kinder Gates, top of Crowden Brook, and Grindslow Knoll.

  • 30/06/2021 All day

    CAUTION - route details may be out of date!

    Hayfield, Mill Hill, Harry Hut, Wormstones, Glossop & Whitely Nab  10.5m

    Start: Valley Rd Hayfield 038868

    Pub: Whiteley Nab, Glossop; good, homely, adequately friendly

    Maps: Dark Peak W - 110 Sheffield & Huddersfield

    Route AM: *Rds & fps Ely/ENEly past Bowden Br, Hill House Fm, Rsvr, (coffee) up ridge E of William Clough & to top of Mill Hill; Wly to Harry Hut; NNW down by Wormstones (lunch) to rd 038921; fps Nly/NNWly to Glossop

    Charlestown 034929, The Whiteley Nab (Drover's Arms still closed at 13.15)

    Route PM: **Fps WSWly/Sly by Lees Hall, Whitel Nab, over Monks Rd 023913 to rd 023910; rd/fps SSEly by Matley Moor Fm, Cliffbank Fm to rd Hayfield 032873; rd & little fp over May Queen field & under by-pass then rd

  • 07/07/2021 All day

    CAUTION - route details may be out of date!

    Bakewell, Monsal Head, Monsal Dale, Deep Dale, Sheldon & Over Haddon; 11.75mi

    Start 10.00am Bakewell roadside 218691

    Pub:     Cock & Pullet, Sheldon - Usual pleasant reception; good beer

    Maps -  1:25,000:   White Peak E - 1:50,000:               119 Buxton Matlock & Dove Dale

    Morning Route:  (6.75 mi)

        *Fps Nly to Monsal Trail 214708; Trl WNWly by Little Longstone to Monsal Head; fps Wly/Sly down into

        Monsal Dale & round to cross A6 at White Lodge 191706 (lunch); fps SWly up Deep Dale to fp junction

        161691; fp/rd ESEly up to Sheldon, Cock & Pullet

    Afternoon Route:  (5 mi)

        **Fps SW/SE/Ely past Magpie Mine to rd Kirk Dale 181680; fps SEly past Magshaw Mine to rd Over

        Haddon 200665; rds/fp/rds Ely thro Over Haddon*** (tea) to 215667; fps NNEly down to A6 Bakewell

        220681; fps etc NNWly thro park & by Wye back to cars

  • 14/07/2021 All day

    CAUTION - route details may be out of date!

    Nether Booth, Crookstone Knoll, Hope & Lose Hill  10m

    Start: Nether Booth*

    Pub: Cheshire Cheese, Hope; excellent sandwiches

    Maps: Dark Peak E - 110 Sheffield & Huddersfield

    Route AM: *NNW/NE up by Lady Booth Brook to Crookstone Knoll; Ely/SSEly

    to Guide Post 161874; SEly to Win Hill; down SWly to Cheshire Cheese 171840

    Route PM: **Russell direct home by car, rest rd/fps NWly up Lose

    Hill; Wly to Backtor Nook; NWly down by Backtor Farm & Bridge to rd 137856;

    rd NEly to cars

  • 21/07/2021 All day

    CAUTION - route details may be out of date!

    Gradbach, The Roaches, Hen Cloud, Ramshaw Rocks & Goldsitch Moss  8.75m

    Start: 10.00am Gradbach car park 999662

    Pub: Winking Man; good, friendly & welcoming, comfy, chips

    Maps: White Peak W - 118 The Potteries; 119 Buxton, Matlock & Dove Dale

    Route AM: *Rd/fps WSW/SSEly by YH, Forest Wood, Roach End, (coffee)**

    length of Roaches, top of Hen Cloud; inf fp/trspss SWly by The Roaches Ho to

    ln 013616; ln/fp/trspss NEly by Ferny Knowl to rd 018619; inf fp/fp Nly

    by Ramshaw Rocks (lunch) to A53 Stake Gutter 024632; rd NNE to Winking Man

    Route PM: Rds W/NNW*** to 017638****; fps NWly/Nly by Blackbank,

    Goldsitch Ho to stream crossing appx 003647; trspss up Nly to fp at

    Cloughhead ruins (tea); fp NWly to Gradbach village; rds NEly back to cars

  • 28/07/2021 All day

    CAUTION - route details may be out of date!

    Cutthroat Bridge, Dovestone Tor, Foulstone Road, Strines & Moscar; 10.5mi

    Pub:     Strines Inn, Strines, Bradfield - Excellent, comfy, well-received, good beer

    Maps -  1:25,000:   Dark Peak E - 1:50,000: 110 Sheffield & Huddersfield

    Start 10.00am lay-by A57 216784

    Morning Route:  (6 mi)

        *Fps W to Whinstone Lee Tor & Nly along edge by Hurkling Stones, Wheel Stones (coffee), Dovestone Tor

        to Back Tor 198910; return to fp junction Bradfield Gate Head 198907; fp (Foulstone Road) ENE by

        Foulstone Delf to rd Strines Br 221909 (lunch); rd SEly to Strines, Strines Inn

    Afternoon Route:  (4.5 mi)

        **Rd NWly/Ely by Strines Br to 227909; fps/rd/fp down E & up SW/Sly by 'Tower', Sugworth Hall to lane

        235885; lanes/rd SW/N/Wly by Moscar Cross to 225885; fp SWly down to cars

  • 04/08/2021 All day

    CAUTION - route details may be out of date!

    Errwood, Shining Tor, Taxal Edge, Fernilee  10.6m

    Start Errwood CP 013747

    Pub: Shady Oak, Fernilee

    Map: White Peak W

    Route a.m.: Fps SSW/SW/SSW to 001732, NW to Shining Tor, N via Pym Chair, Windgather, Taxal Edge to road at Clough Farm 995793, road N 200m then fp E/NNE/E via Taxal Moor Road and Glebe Farm, FB NE then fp S/SSE alongside Goyt to 012787, fp NE to A5004 and Shady Oak.

    Route p.m.: S along A5004 to 017784, SW down and across dam, fp S to road at 014757, road back to cars.

  • 11/08/2021 All day

    CAUTION - route details may be out of date!

    Langley, Shutlingsloe, Wildboarclough, Oakenclough & Sutton; 9.25mi

    Pub:     Hanging Gate, Sutton - Excellent, welcoming, good beers

    Maps -  1:25,000:   White Peak W - 1:50,000:              118 Macclesfield & Stoke-on-Trent

    Start - 10am Road Ridgegate Resvr 957714

    Morning Route:  (5.25 mi)

        *Rds Sly to 959711; concession track/fps SEly up over Shutlingsloe (coffee) & down to rd Wildboarclough

        982686; rd/fp/rd SW/W/NW to Greenway Br 963687**; fps Nly/Ely up by (lunch) Oakenclough to PH

        953696, Hanging Gate Inn

    Afternoon Route:  (4 mi)

        ***Fp/rd NE to 950699; fp (Gritstone Trl) SW/W down to rd 940696; rd NW 350m; fp N by Ridge Hill Fm to

        rd Ridge Hill; rd ESE 200m; fp Nly by Backridges Fm to Cock Hall Lane; rd ESE 600m; fps NEly/ESEly &

        Nly to approx 952713; concession path SEly on S side of Ridgegate Resvr to rd corner 956711; rds E/Nly

        to cars