Beudy Mawr 70th anniversary

Here are a few details.

Food – ‘Granville’s Pop-up Kitchen’ will be operating on Saturday 21 April. Brews, cake and biscuits available from 2pm until 6pm primarily for our day visitors. Buffet service from 6pm onwards. Choice of chicken korma /vegetarian coconut and chickpea curries, chili con carne/non carne, all served with rice, naan Brad and jacket potatoes. Cake and custard for pudding. It’s going to cost Granville £5 to £6 per head for the food, so all donations will be welcome. Bring your own liquid refreshments and food for the rest of the weekend.

Parking – Richard Griffiths, who owns the farm next door (left hand side) is very happy for people to park there. We’re trying to contact whoever looks after the house on the right hand side for more parking. Ian and Clair Wilson are staying at Cwm Glas Mawr – there is some accommodation available. Contact them for details.

Activities – do what you want!

We have 30odd people confirmed – if you haven’t told us and intend coming, let us know ASAP!

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  1. Hi Bill. Please book me in on the 70th Beudy meet. As regards accommodation I’ll make my own arrangements as room in the hut ,no doubt will be at a premium. On a different note, does anyone know
    the whereabouts of the Beudy Logbook for the mid to late sixties?. Best wishes to all.

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