Beudy – bookings update

In May, the only booking we have is Cec Rhodes’ meet on the Spring Bank Holiday weekend of 26th/27th/28th (details in Meetstaff).

In June, the annual working Meet is on 2nd/3rd (details in Meetstaff), Rachel Johnson has booked 4 places on 9th/10th and Mike Zeidan has booked the whole place for the following weekend, 16th/17th. Ed Bartlett has booked 2 spaces for the 30th.

In July, Elizabeth Wilson’s Meet is on 7th/8th (details in Meetstaff) and Audrey Russell has booked 6 spaces for the Friday (20th) of her Anglesey Meet (details in Meetstaff).

In August, Steve Gregory’s climbing Meet is on 18th/19th.

So, as usual, plenty of opportunities for you to go to the hut. Let Steve or myself know if you intend going.

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