Wild Camping in the Uk

As a club we have always wild camped from the easier High Camp to the intrepid igloo meets. Now it seems you can book to camp in the Lake District National park through UKwildcamp.org – you have to book and PAY. The site also emphasises that it is ILLEGAL to camp in the national parks.
Don’t know what our so called national body is doing about this.
Perhaps the committee should look at it – we might have to go back to having a mass trespass – i know some members can remember the original ones in the Peak.
I guess this is all part of the present governments agenda to get us to pay to access our countryside!


  1. You can wild camp in Scotland pretty much anywhere. By-laws and certain restrictions apply, and you should follow the good practice code.

    In England, Wales and Northern Ireland you can’t legally wild camp without the consent of the landowner, apart from on Dartmoor where you can wild camp legally as in Scotland.

    It appears to me that the wild camp site website is a website selling ‘wild camping’ pitches in fields without facilities where the landowner has agreed to camping.

    1. I had some one tell me whilst on a Gold DofE expedition in the lakes we were illegally camping at angle tarn. Technically that may be true but since the Mountain Training Association run regular ML MIA MIC courses including wild camping in National parks excluding Peak District I cant see it as an issue for responsible campers. Leave No trace, camp high, pack up early.

  2. Looks like someone’s “bright idea” for making money to me! The domain (UKwildcamp.org) is registered to GoDaddy; buried in the site’s T&Cs it says … The Bridge Strategy (trading as UKWildCamp.org) …

    Suspect the ‘spin’ on the website is just that.

  3. It looks as if pressure has stopped this – look at the Telegraph page on the web. It was obviously an initiative to soften us up for paying in the national parks – so keep vigilant, communicate and don’t let it happen.

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