Skye Meet 28/9 to 4/10 2019

As usual the Skye meet is at the Glen Brittle Memorial Hut.

The deadline for confirming the hut booking is at the end of June – at the moment we are 6 short of filling the hut – so it looks like I’ll have to cut back the booking to only the number that have confirmed they are coming. (I’ve sent an email to those who’ve already booked asking them to confirm). The consequences of not filling the hut are:

* The cost for the 6 nights goes up to £90 each. (£72 each was for taking the whole hut).
* I’m asking for a deposit of £45. (As there isn’t a waiting list people who book and cancel later will still have to pay the full amount if there is no one to take their place.)
* We won’t be guaranteed to have exclusive use of the hut, or that any later bookings will be available.

So if you are thinking of coming to enjoy the highlights of Skye then don’t delay and contact me now.

Gary Bunting

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