Tour de France

Just had an email from Geoff Bell which reminded me of all our Tour exploits. For you newer members i used to arrange (perhaps arrange should be disarrange) a trip to see stages when they were largely up north in Europe. I think Geoff and i were the only members who did them all. This years tour started in Brussels and went up the Mur de Gremont (or Gerardsbergan in Flemish). We were idling up the bottom slopes when we were passed by a young poser in all the gear, flash bike etc – Geoff got on his wheel saddlebags flapping and cruised up behind him – the guy accelerated, Geoff stayed on his well and the cruised past him to show who was boss (i suppose nobody had told him about all the long distance records Geoff had held ) Another trip Geoffs seat post bust , he was quite happy to cycle out of the saddle all day – but a bit of a trespass on a building site found an exact fix for the post. We also enjoyed sleeping with the coca cola girls one night and enjoyed Simons help in discovering gourmet food at little local epiceries.
Must admit i enjoyed slipstreaming Geoff for the odd hour or two.
Now just packing for a cycle tour of the Black Forest – just as disorganised – no plan – no accommodation but it will work out.
Perhaps its time for a reprise of a Tour mee!


  1. I’ve heard about Geoff’s exploits – even as a callow member! I’ve missed being at the Tour this year with my bike. The first time in quite a few years. When I cycled to the Dolomites meet a few years ago I was with a friend Mike Murray (champion orienteer) and going up the Timmelsjoch into Italy we were being overtaken by all these lycra clad guys on flash bikes. Mike got fed up with it and set off with panniers flapping and overtook a lot of them on his old mountain bike before the top. They weren’t happy! I’ve just cycled from Santander to Caen but suspect I took rather longer than Geoff in his heyday, or even now.

    I’ll come on a Tour meet Pete and happy to help organise. Enjoy the Black Forest.

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