Beudy bookings update

In October, Beudy is free anytime except the weekend of 19th/20th, when Thom Hall has booked the whole place.
In November, apart from the advertised Club Meets on 23rd/24th (Chris Foster) and 30th/1st Dec (Audrey Russell), the hut has been booked for the weekend of 9th/10th by Reading MC (12 spaces), and Wednesday/Thursday (13th/14th) when Blind Veterans will be using the whole hut for a charity event.
There are no bookings at all in December, although I am sure there will be the usual New Year get together at the end of the month.
As usual, let me or Steve know if you want to use Beudy. We’d love to see you using what we think is the Club’s best hut!

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