1. There are lots of maps for Bulgaria now.
    See http://www.mapsofbalkan.com/shop/index.php/cPath/22_23 for 56 maps
    The main series is Domino. See eg http://www.stanfords.co.uk/Bulgaria-Domino-Hiking-Maps_SI00001682
    There is also a series from Kartografija, http://www.cartographia-bg.net, or available from maps of Balkans above
    For guidebooks
    Walking in Bulgaria’s national parks, Julian Perry, Cicerone covers Rila Pirin Stara Planina
    The mountains of Bulgaria,. Julian Perry, Cordee (out of print I think)
    Kom-Emine, path along the main Stara Planina mountain ridge, http://www.oilaripi.com
    Skiing the Balkans, Dimitar Dimitrov, http://www.xcoports.com covers Rila Pirin and Vitosha
    Alex Miller. (I live in Austria)

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