Snapshot of members alpine activities 2019

Whilst there has not been a formal Alpine Meet this year, members have been active in the main part of the European Alps and a tem also visited Colorado. The list compiled includes both spring ski ascents as well as the traditional summer alpine activities. The prize for the greatest activity goes to Dave Palmer who has had an incredibly prolific year…as well as climbing a fair number of excellent alpine rock routes on lower peaks, he nabbed 12 of the major 4000m peaks as well as a fair number of subsidiary 4000m summits…his picture below  sums up a feeling we all get at times in the Alps! 

Rest Day Looms
Rest Day Looms. Photo Dave Palmer

Will Harris squeezed in the Pierre Allain Route on the North face of the Dru during a busy season guiding; these are noted in the list below. Several others had good trips too and undoubtedly some members activities have been missed altogether, hence the use of  ‘Snapshot’ in the title! Apologies to any member not contacted and thanks to everyone who submitted info, allowing this list to be compiled.


Chamonix/Mt Blanc Massif

 The Dru

North Face/Pierre Allain Route: Will Harris [RC] and Stu Macaleese

Stu Macaleese on the Lambert Crack. Photo Will Harris 

Will Harris on the Martinelli Crack. Photo Stu Macaleese 

Descending from the Grand Dru. Photo Will Harris

Aiguille du Moine

Will Harris [RC] guiding clients

 La Nonne

Traverse: Jack Helliwell [RC] + partner

Aiguilles de la Republique

Voie Normale: Jack Helliwell and Alastair Graves [both RC]. Photo Alastair Graves

Aiguille du Peigne

Papillons Arete: Andy Tomlinson [RC] and Jeremy Windsor

Les Lepidopteres: Dave Palmer [RC] and Lins Palmer; Alastair Graves [RC] + partner

On the ridge above Les Lepidopteres. Photo Alastair Graves

Peignes-Pellerins-Deux Aigle-Plan-Midi Traverse

Will Harris [RC] + partner


Dent du Geant

South West Face: Andy Tomlinson [RC] and Jeremy Windsor;  Dave Palmer [RC] and Lins Palmer. Jeremy Windsor on the upper section of the SW Face. Photo Andy Tomlinson 

Aiguilles Marbrees

Traverse: Parminder Chaggar [RC] and Roger McMorrow; Andy Tomlinson [RC] and Jeremy Windsor


Aiguilles d’Entreveres

Traverse: Dave Palmer [RC] and Lins Palmer


Aigulle du Midi

Arete a Laurence: Jack Helliwell and Alastair Graves [both RC]

Arete des Cosmiques: Jack Helliwell [+ partner]; Alastair Graves [+ partner]


Mt Blanc du Tacul

Arete du Diable Traverse: Dave Palmer [RC] +2 partners

Pyramid du Tacul, East Ridge: Parminder Chaggar [RC] and Roger McMorrow

Pointes Lachenal Traverse: Jack Helliwell and Alastair Graves [both RC]. PhotoAG

Mount Blanc

Traverse via Grises Glacier from the Gonella Hut and down the Trois Monts Dave Palmer [RC] and Lins Palmer

Sunrise from the Dome du Gouter. Photo Dave Palmer.

Will Harris [RC] guiding clients


Aiguille de Bionnassay

Traverse: Dave Palmer [RC] and Lins Palmer. Photo Dave Palmer

Mount Tondu and Domes de Miage

Will Harris [RC] guiding clients


Aiguilles du Dorees

W-E Traverse: Dave Palmer [RC] and partner. Photo Dave Palmer

Aiguilles Rouges

Cocher-Cochons: Dave Palmer [RC] and Jim Truman; Alastair Graves [RC] + partner

Hotel California: Andy Tomlinson [RC] and Jeremy Windsor: Alastair Graves [RC] + partner

Clocher-Clochetons Traverse: Alastair Graves [RC] + partner



Monte Rosa Group


Spring ski ascent: Martin Cooper [RC] and friends

Dave Palmer [RC] + James Hoyes [carried on to this after completing the Liskamm traverse!]

Mike Russell and Jim Paxman [both RC]


Signalkuppe/Punta Gnifetti

Spring ski ascent: Nick Wallis and Martin Cooper [both RC]

Mike Russell and Jim Paxman [both RC]

Dave Palmer [RC] + James Hoyes en route between Liskamm and Zumsteinspitze!



Spring ski ascent: Nick Wallis and Martin Cooper [both RC]


Pyramid Vincent

Spring ski ascent: Martin Cooper [RC] and friends


Punta Giordani

Mike and Audrey Russell [both RC]


La Grivola

Mike Russell and Jim Paxman [both RC]. La-Grivola and Gratton bivi. Photo Mike Russell


W-E traverse: Dave Palmer [RC] and James Hoyes. Photo Dave Palmer.

Traverse [S and E Ridges] Rae Pritchard and Neil Sawyer [both RC]. Photo Rae Pritchard.

East Ridge: Mike Russell and Jim Paxman [both RC]. Photo Mike Russell

Castor and Pollux

Spring ski ascents: Mike Russell and Jim Paxman [RC]. Up to W Ridge. Photo Mike Russell.

East Ridge of Castor with Liskamm behind. Photo Mike Russell 

Central Valais Group


Traverse [SW [Italian] and NE [Hornli] Ridges]: Parminder Chaggar [RC] and Roger McMorrow

SW [Italian] Ridge: Andy Tomlinson [RC] and Jeremy Windsor. JW descending Photo AT

Will Harris [RC] guiding clients


Ober Gabelhorn

Traverse [WSW [Arbengrat] and ENE [Wellenkuppe] Ridges: Dave Palmer [RC] and James Hoyes



SW Ridge [Rothorngrat]: Dave Palmer [RC] and James Hoyes. Upper section. Photo DP.

SE Ridge [via the Gabel]: Parminder Chaggar and Andy Tomlinson [both RC]. Descending upper section of the Rothorngrat above the Gabel. Photo Andy Tomlinson 

Weisshorn [and Bishorn]

Traverse of Weisshorn [NNW and E Ridges]: Dave Palmer [RC] and Jim Truman. Photo DP


Valais: Mischabel Group


Spring ski ascent: Dave Palmer [RC] + partner



Spring ski ascent: Dave Palmer [RC] + partner



Bernese Oberland

Eiger and Monch

Will Harris [RC] guiding clients



Outlying Regions

Gran Paradiso

Will Harris [RC] guiding clients



Furka Pass area

[Area thoroughly recommended by Andy Stewart using Plaisir Select guidebook]



Sudgrat: Dave Palmer [RC] and James Hoyes; Mark Jenneson, Richard Clegg [both RC] and Phil Smith; Andy Stewart and Paul O’Reilly [both RC]

Sudgrat. Photo Dave Palmer.

Sudgrat: . Photo Phil Smith


Graue Wand

The classic Niederman route:Andy Stewart and Paul O’Reilly [both RC]



Walkers Haute route [Chamonix to Zermatt]:  Helen and Rae Pritchard did this route as training for Helens UTMR (Ultra Tour of Monte Rosa). Rae noted…”we did it in 5 days…a bit quicker than guidebook recommendations [10-12 days!] and was a bit uncomfortable for me!” Below, Helen giving Rae a quick break to take a photo!




Bill and Dom had another very successful trip to the States and, on this occasion, not to Yosemite! They did a lot of climbing, but Dom said the following were the only true “alpine” routes!  Full details of the trip can be found at:


Longs Peak

The Diamond Face via the Casual Route: Bill Deakin and Dom Oughton [both RC]. Upper part of Diamond Face from Chasm View. Photo Dom Oughton

Bill Deakin following Pitch 3, with Chasm View behind. Photo Dom Oughton 

Petit Grepon

South Face: Bill Deakin and Dom Oughton [both RC]. Photos Dom Oughton.

Bill Deakin on Pitch 1.



      1. Hi Dave I too bought Tibbetts book and have written a review for RCJ. He was at Kendal Mountain Festival with a ‘slide’ show. Such a volume should be on every Alpinist’s shelf. What an incredible effort to produce, without a publisher, from crowdfunding! He and his partner sure have energy.

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