‘Get (further) out there’

At last night’s Committee meeting, a fair bit of time was spent (again) on our communications strategy. How do we spread the word about the Club’s attractions and its activities, how do we keep that word in people’s minds and how do we follow things up. Its one thing to publish our outdoor meets programmes, but in these days of fast moving social media platforms where that particular ‘post’ may only be ‘in view’ for a short time, how do we remind people (Members and prospective Members) about it?

We have Meetstaff, a website and a Facebook page. I don’t think we can count the Journal – to me, its more of a historical record. Members also use ‘closed group’ social media to communicate. I don’t know how to use social media to its full potential – do you? Should the Club be using Facebook more? Is WhatsApp and Instagram the way forward? How can we develop our communications with the MUMC/MUHC/other groups who may want to ‘get out there’?

Lots of questions – can you help with finding the answers?

If you are willing to help, please contact me. I’m on the telephone (ring or text), email, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. You can even write to me (postcards only please).


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