Covid 19 and the Rucksack Club: HUTS update 25 June 2020

The Secretary writes:

[An update] Or rather a re-statement of the current position which is that the huts are closed, buildings and car parks, until the Committee has concluded how they may safely be brought back into albeit limited use in line with the three English, Welsh and Scottish governments’ differently expressed rules and guidelines.
Two reasons for that, one less obvious, one not.  The buildings have stood empty long enough for the possibility of legionella bacteria to have accumulated in the water systems which need appropriate cleaning.  Any unregulated use of the buildings will continue to carry the risk of transfer of the Covid-19 contagion.
The BMC has just issued guidelines for re-opening huts.  The Committee must digest those before coming to a conclusion about allowing a level of use of the huts, certainly restricted for the foreseeable future.  Each of them, designed as they are as communal areas, presents its own problems.  Anyone wishing for a copy of the BMC paper should email me. [Or use this link.]


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