President’s June Update

I held off Posting an update at the beginning of the month as the next Committee meeting was scheduled for Monday 14th June, fortuitously the same day that the English Government was announcing its recommendations for Step 4 of the Road Map out of lockdown. Until a week ago, I was hoping all restrictions would be lifted, but in the end the spread of the Delta variant has led to another month’s delay. As a consequence, there was less decision making needed and there are just two things to mention:

Meets: Both the climbing and walking Wednesday meets have been well attended since they were reinstated [climbing at the end of March and walking mid-May].Club members enjoying the first Wednesday evening climbing meet at Hobby Moor [Photo Dom Oughton]

The relaxation in numbers allowed to meet on May 17th [now up to 30] and the easing of pre-meeting registration, adding to their popularity. Visit the Calendar where all upcoming Meets are highlighted; for climbing the crag location is identified and more information can be obtained at: For the walks the start point and main route are detailed, however there is usually a shorter ‘B’ route for the day too; details of the latter can be obtained from the coordinators at: The Calendar also includes the current weekend Meets, although this programme has been less successful, almost certainly because the continued Covid restrictions deter travel and the use of shared accommodation. A big thank you goes to all the Members who have taken on the work of getting these up and running.

Huts: The Huts are open for restricted use by members in line with the local regulations for England, Wales and Scotland…all of which are slightly different! The one similarity is that the ‘down time’ between visits has been reduced to 48 hours so slightly increasing availability. The Wardens have agreed to post regular updates about availability and local ‘rules’ on the website and, for Beudy and High Moss, the Booking calendars are kept up to date, so members are encouraged to check these; you have to be logged on as a member and access the calendar via ‘Huts’.

Enjoy the good weather and I sincerely hope that there will be better news by the middle of next month, which is when I plan to post the next update.


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