Beudy – July/August availability and Covid update

With the present situation in Wales, there are windows of opportunity as follows:-
Nights of 12th/13th July.
Nights of 5th/6th August*.
Night of 16th through to night of 25th August*.

* As it stands. See below.

Although technically, we can take bookings from up to 3 households, the small print says that these 3 should be known to each other, already in a bubble, etc, etc. In practical terms, that probably means we can only accept a booking from a single household.

The Welsh government are being quite cagey about the next moves out of lockdown. Mark Drakeford, the First Minister, does not sound so ‘gung ho’ as his English counterpart. The next review is on Thursday, 15th July. We will keep you posted.
Bill and Steve

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