Anabasis farewell to their Hut at Garth Farm

On 30th June, the Anabasis Club’s lease of their Hut at Garth Farm ended. Although the Club itself formally came to end end when are Members voted to take up the offer of Membership of the Rucksack Club, this was the final letting go. Nothing formal, just a happy gathering on what we came to know as the ‘Sun Terrace’, as indeed it was on this day. A welcome part of our migration to the Rucksack Club has been the intent that the Anabasis History become part of the Rucksack Club’s history, so it is right to share this with you now. Our Hut was always known to us as the Peter Llowarch Memorial Hut, but a happy curiosity is that the owners have always known it as Beudy Isaf – Lower Cow Shed. Now we migrate to Beudy Mawr – Big Cow Shed. Onwards and upwards!



  1. Lovely weather for your final farewell to The Lower Cow Shed! I’m sure there was much reminiscing as well as looking to the future in the Big Cow Shed…amongst other huts of course! We look forward to the history of the Anabasis integrating fully with your new home as members of the Rucksack Club.

    1. Thanks Andy – lovely weather? – was ever thus! No not really! The Capel Curig Weather Station is on the hill just above the Hut so Capel Curig weather reports are Garth ones. I had a little recce of the Big Cow Shed last week and look forward to staying there and at High Moss and Craigallan too.

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