The Anabasis in Fifty Objects…………….

A little treat awaits at where you will be able to view and download pdfs of ‘The Anabasis in Fifty Objects’ series. For those who find this kind of thing no better than superficial artifice, you will also find downloadable pdfs of 25 years of Anabasis Newletters and Journals – a window into a vanishing cluture perhaps, but nevertheless a joyous romp through the way we were……it has little treasures like these (of Eliminate ‘A’ on Dow): ‘We definitely roped up because I remember taking my wellies off’ and ‘Not often you get peace and quiet in the Hut these days: too many hard climbers reading guide books out loud’ and of a pot-holing trip ‘The portly members of the party did experience some difficulty, but were speeded on their way when a knotted rope was applied vigorously to their rear ends.’
The Rucksack Club might consider an Objects adventure – perhaps someone has one of Fred Pigott’s pebbles………..

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