Midweek hut meets @ Beudy Mawr / Craigallan / High Moss

Our 3 fantastic huts are not often used mid-week. As we emerge from the shadow of Covid why not take the opportunity to use one of our huts during the week and organise an ‘informal’ meet.  It’s so easy to do.

Anybody interested should approach the individual hut warden to book the hut for
the number of places required / or to the maximum occupancy currently agreed.

Then if anybody else makes an enquiry via the hut warden seeking use of the hut
during the same period the warden will direct that person to the member who
has made the meet booking.

The meet coordinator will no doubt want the meet to be advertised, if so they
can send me details which I will put on the website meet calendar and send out a
web post. I can also arrange for the notice to go out via our social media. 

Please note that the meet coordinator has the discretion to set the terms for their meet,
where they could choose, for example, to include a requirement for full vaccination and/or a negative
Covid test.

Our huts are empty for significant periods of time so if you are free and want to start getting out with other members why not make use of our wonderful huts during the week and ‘get out there ….again’.


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