Marsden – Edale 8th January 2022 – update.

Marsden – Edale 8th January 2022 – update.
I am withdrawing as the coordinator for this year’s Marsden – Edale and will not be taking part, but the meet will go ahead in a restricted form coordinated by Gareth Llewellyn.
In taking this decision, a I have considered a number of factors:
  1. The rapid spread of the Omicron version of covid is putting untenable pressure on the NHS and we all have a responsibility to do what we can to reduce the risks of transmission – there has been a 500% increase in infections in just the last week across the North West and High Peak
  2. Maintaining social distancing over a twenty-odd mile tough walk will be important to avoid breathing in particles from others and could be difficult when puffing and panting if close together up the steep bits, so care is needed… I do appreciate that, mostly, people are strung out across the moors!
  3. The crowded pub at the end is a perfect place for transmission (obviously individuals can opt to not go into the Ramblers).
  4. To put the icing on the cake, there are now no trains from Edale on Saturday due to engineering works!  The replacement bus service takes more than two and a half hours to get to Manchester!!
With no trains, people will have to arrange lifts as best they can – I for one would not be happy sharing the confines of a car with “strangers” for an hour plus to get back from Edale. If somebody has covid (even if symptomless) you can guarantee that the other people (tired, wet and cold) in the car will have caught it by the time they have driven from Edale all the way back to Marsden – masks or no.
I have a daughter living at home who is in the clinically vulnerable group and I have been under a lot of pressure to not go on the walk at all – and after due consideration, I can no longer justify it.  I hate to be in this position – but the rates of infection are ridiculously high and, although as a reasonably fit 60yr old I would be (I hope) unlikely to end up hospitalised, that is not the case for other people in my immediate family and I have a duty to them. It is that most difficult of risks – relatively low probability but potentially high impact.
I am really grateful to Gareth (and Netty) for volunteering to take over as coordinator of the event at short notice. Gareth is willing to do this with the following provisos:
I will be leaving Marsden at 08:00 hours prompt.  Any one who starts any later will not be part of the Club’s official meet.  You are welcome to set off earlier, but please make sure you let me or Netty know you are leaving.  We will be in/around  the silver camper van.

Important points to note.

Members understand that there are NO TRAINS FROM EDALE. You will have to arrange your own transport to/from Marsden/Edale.

Anyone who drops out en-route, must ring the Ramblers Inn in Edale on 01433 670 268 and leave a message for Netty with their name and where they dropped out. [Starters will be given a note of the number before they set off.]

You must book back in with Netty when you arrive in Edale, she will be in the Ramblers car park.  If you get there before she arrives, leave a message for her with the bar staff.

Looking forward to a good old fashioned wet and windy ME on Saturday!

I have spoken to Granville – and yes, he is still going to be at the Woodhead lunch stop dishing out cakes and tea/coffee!  Depending on numbers and appetite, he may also be at Upper North Grain later in the day.
Many, many thanks to Gareth/Netty/Granville.  Please consider the risks and make your own informed choices about participation.


  1. Thank you for all your hard work Ian and for your honesty…making such decisions is never easy. Thanks to Gareth for agreeing to take over as coordinator at this late hour and for restating the transport difficulties.

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