Multiple BMC membership refund

There is a process for BMC members who are members of more than one BMC affiliated club (or individual BMC members who are also members of a club) to reclaim their multiple BMC membership payments.

Club members claiming multiple membership refunds can ask for the refund to be paid to themselves or to the club. The refund can also be used to upgrade from Club Membership to full Individual Membership.

So, if you are in more than one BMC affiliated club and wish to claim a multiple membership refund, download the refund form from the BMC website (search for “BMC Multiple Club Membership Refund Form”), complete it and return it to the BMC before the end of June.

(N.B. if you have claimed back your multiple fees previously, there is no need to make a new claim. Provided all your clubs have paid your subscription to the BMC for the current year you should be sent an automatic refund after 30 June.)

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