Anabasis, Garth, 60th Anniversary

This year – 2022 – it is just 60 years since a Member of the then one year-old Anabasis Mountaineering Club chanced upon a disused outbuilding at Garth Farm, near to Capel Curig. This former cattle shed went on to become ‘The Hut’, home to the Anabasis unitl the demise of the Club in 2021. Commencing with digging out the ankle-deep cattle droppings that covered the floor, the building was much improved over the years, culminating in the addition of a washroom/toilets facility in November 2014. Hoping the attached link will work (!) this is The Garth Song, dating from 1980 when The Hut had just reached its majority, at eighteen years of age.

Link to the Garth Song

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