Craigallan Hogmanay Meet

Hi All

I’m planning to head up to Craigallan over new year’s, likely ca. 28th Dec to 2nd Jan or thereabouts, for some kind of Scottish mountain based Hogmanay fun; weather, conditions and psyche will determine exactly what. All welcome, for whatever activities desired, and if it’s more than just me I’ll cook up a haggis dinner (or even if it is just me!😅) Would be keen/happy to share lifts etc. Please let me know if you fancy joining- so I can confirm with John (otherwise he will make the hut available for other use). Post on here, message me direct, email and mobile details in the handbook, or send a pigeon if you’d rather! Chris P

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  1. Hi all, for Craigallan Hogmanay trip 28th Dec to 2nd Jan (ish): So far there’s 3 yesses(myself, Dave and kev), 3 maybes (Steven, mark and my mate Sam) and perhaps a few more folk(?) understandably reserving any judgement til they see a forcast! 😅.
    Long range forcast sounds like there should be some nice windows of weather around that time, albeit not perhaps as convincingly certain as wished!

    Any one else tempted/interested? I’m reasonably flexible on dates so would be tempted to head up a day earlier/stay later if that co-ordinated with others travel plans!

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