Bleaklow meet Saturday 18th February

Please come along and join me for a Bleaklow walk next Saturday starting at 8.30 am.  

Full details as per Meetstaff are below, but basically there will be at least two walk options: one 20 miles the other about 15 miles, but if you don’t fancy either just come along and do you own thing.

Meeting in The Queens Arms at the end of play for a pint or two.

Bleaklow – the best hill in Derbyshire. 18th February.  Coordinator Andy Llewellyn. 

Meet at Old Glossop (GR 046947) for a walk of up to 20 miles visiting a number of the stones on and around Bleaklow and the Outer Edges. Departing Glossop at 8.30.

The walk will be a slight variation on the previous undertaken Bleaklow stones route taking in a couple of the infamous Bells Wells (if we can find them).  In years gone by there would be a minimum of 20 joining a Derbyshire walk but numbers have been steadily falling over the past decade or so.  It would therefore be brilliant if we can get at least 20 out on the day so please come along to join in the fun, be it for the whole walk, or just part of it as the planned route has many options to cut a few miles along the way if so required.  Or indeed just do your own thing but join us for some liquid refreshments at the Queens Arms in Old Glossop where we should be from about 4.30 onwards.

Come along and ‘get out there’ again!




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