Igloo Meet – 17/18 March 2018

Igloo Meet – 17/18 March 2018
On Christmas day I checked out the site for the 2018 Igloo meet with Moira. Access is via the Bellevue cable car followed by about an hour’s skinning or snowshoeing (alternatively about 2.5 hours from the valley if you’re feeling fit). Avalanche transceivers are highly recommended whenever travelling in the Alpine mountains in winter and these are available for hire locally along with snowshoes or ski touring equipment. Other equipment: sleeping bag, Thermorest/Karrimat, backpacking stove, pans, food etc., snow shovel/snow saw plus all your normal winter mountaineering safety kit. Winter mountaineering experience necessary.

Please let me know if you interested in attending the meet.


  1. Let’s please see if we can get some dialog going about the Chamonix meets now that the email alerts are hopefully working again. Please post some comments. Good, bad, sarcastic, trivial, informative; anything just to let me know whether anybody is looking at the website.

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