Marsden-Edale – another great day

The weather was kind to the participants with a generally dry day (plus a couple of short snow flurries) and an almost following wind.  23 people completed the single Marsden-Edale, plus around a dozen doublers and (amazingly) 2 people completing a double-double (see separate post).  A further 20+ people did various partial routes and various other members were spotted in the pub.

Granville’s Glorious Soup Kitchen was greatly appreciated at Longdendale and again on the Snake – many, many thanks Granville!

Granviille’s Glorious Soup Kitchen being enjoyed by Andy
Some of the masses enjoying Granville’s delights

All in all, a great day out and another roaring success. Here are some more pics from Rae Pritchard

Doublers prepare to set off
New Vice President ready for action
Double Doublers enjoying a cup of tea after 32 hours on the go

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  1. I see from my copy of The Rucksack Application for Membership of July 1957, that one of the exploits I used to support my application, was a Marsden- Edale in January, sixty one years ago ( in a bit short of four and a half hours) On M/E week-end this year, I wandered slowly, in brilliant snowy weather, on the hills behind my house and thought wistfully about the “Doublers” and (astonishingly) the “Double- doublers” who were hurrying over the moors of my youth, and I was happy for us all.

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