1. Apologies Bill, but check out your ‘London Section History’ or my recent ‘The Beudy Years’ article (Journal 2017) should there be any photos that may be of use. You probably have already, but if I can be of help let me know. Richard J.

  1. Hi I’m intending to write an article for our Journal about Beudy, if you have any interesting stories or photos please let me know, ie Kieth Treachers brilliant meets, Bill Rowntrees gargantuan appetite, Eric Byron, Taffy and all, any help would be appreciated, Dave

    1. In 1959 I replaced (relieved ?) Dave Briggs as Joint Warden of Beudy. I was, of course, very young and had only been elected to membership for two years and I always regarded myself as an assistant to Roberts. That that was how my fellow- warden viewed my position, was emphasised by him on our first week-end of working there together. “Now young Neale, I know your official position but let us get this quite straight. Me master; you slave!”
      I hasten to add that this is NOT the reason for which I wound up my academic research and took up a post in Ghana within a year. Alan

    2. Hi Dave, I have writing an article ‘The Beudy Years’ (from the London Section History publication – copy should be at Beudy) for the 2017 Journal. Happy for you to use any of this information should you wish, although I imagine you will be looking for something previously unpublished. I still have the LS Minute Books, so may be able to offer some unpublished ‘gossip’ &/or photos, although the latter are somewhat poor quality. Contact me if I could be of help. Richard J.

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