Pyrenees Meet 2018 – Update

The Pyrenees meet planned for August, is, well, er, still planned.
But a few unfortunate events have required to change the campsite. Since the original Lescun campsite is closed for refurbishment, we will be moving a few kilometres south on the plateau de Lhers:
I have made some arrangements with the owner, there should be enough space for around 10 people, and there are a few more options around if a mass of rucksackers were to suddenly arrive.
So far 6 people (plus myself) have manifested their interest in coming. Every one is very welcome!

A few general updates:
There have been a few massive storms and floodings in the area in the last month and as a result some roads have been heavily damaged, including someof the classical Tour de France passes. If you are interested in cycling, you might want to check the state of the roads in the area.
In particular, the road to Gourette is still closed at the moment (but should be fixed in the next weeks)
Some campsites have also closed due to the damages
I will be there from the 4th to the 11th or 12th. If you have any question/inquiry/threat contact me at alexandre.bourdeu[at]gmail[dot]com or +33 6 29 38 43 50

I will probably try to organize a few outings to the classics around: Ossau normal route, Pic d’Anie walk, etc. but the schedule is very flexible as far as I am concerned

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