Beudy bookings update

I’m away from the bookings calendar until the 15th October. If you want to book, please let Steven Gregory know. The latest bookings picture is:
October – available throughout until 26/27/28 when Jackie and Mark Hatton will be running their Meet. Please contact them for details.
November – 10 places have been booked by OBEC for the weekend of 3/4. Beudy is available for Members and their guests on the Club Dinner weekend (10/11) – 6 places have already been reserved. Let me or Steven know if you would like a place(s). Chris Foster’s Mines Meet is on the following weekend (17/18) and Audrey Russell’s is the weekend after (24/25). Contact Chris and Audrey for details.
December – Reading MC have booked 12 places for the weekend of 8/9. Otherwise, Beudy is available until the New Year Meet, beginning on the 29th.

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