SunRock 2019 heading to Leonidio, Greece – UPDATE

Here’s a bit of an update on the 2019 sunrock meet… So far there are twenty of us confirmed as going, with a few more maybes. Still plenty of time to get yourself a bit of the Leonidio action…

The originally planned week of 16 to 24 February seems to be stretching into a fortnight, with various teams booking later flights (somewhat more cheaply) – there will be sunrocking Rucksackers in situ from 16th Feb until 1st March.

The “basecamp” accommodation at Camping Semeli is pretty much full, although a couple of the apartments could maybe squeeze in an extra one or two (get in touch with me and I’ll point you in the right direction). However, there are plenty of other options: The latest team to book have found overflow accommodation next door: website is and the contact is George…email Also, Robin Illingworth has just returned from a trip and kindly reccied another alternative in Plaka: Simona who runs the bakery has some apartments in plaka which are available in Feb.

Finally, there’s a new Guidebook that has just been published in the last week or so (available locally – might make it to shops in UK by Feb). The old one (only 2 years old) will still provide month’s of entertainment, or you can hang on for the new one.

That’s all for now – get in touch if you need more info or are planning on joining the fun!

Cheers, Dom

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  1. I am looking at the cottage i stayed in January,its a 2 bed room, with kitchen, shower and all we need for self catering also there is another cottage attached below i think owned by the same lady.This looks like it may sleep 4, both places are in the town and a short walk to bars /restaurants, i have contacted her and am waiting on her reply.Have a look at GRANDMOTHERS COTTAGE Leonidio on the web.The lady who owns them is amazing she brought us fresh fruit and veg each day and greek food to heat up.I plan to fly out on 13th Feb and stay till early March.


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