E-payment comes to Beudy!

Yes – its finally happened! You can now pay your hut fees for Beudy electronically. As well as the time honoured method of sending a cheque, you can make an e-payment. Pay ‘The Rucksack Club’ using sort code 20 55 41, account number 40599913 and reference your payment with your name, register page and number. No need to be long-winded – something like ‘Smith.P19L21, will enable me to identify the payment when I come to reconcile the account with the register entry (unless you’re a Llewellyn or a Cudahy, where an initial will be useful!). New payment slips, with full details of both methods of payment, have been prepared. Please note this is for Beudy only at this point in time – if it all works out, e-payments will be introduced at High Moss and Craigallan as well.


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