1. John…I can recommend a very good physio in Congleton, but don’t have any ideas closer to Manchester. She is not a climber, but is very interested in all sporting activities…I have seen her before and she understands the issues climbers worry about/seek treatment for. If you need more details, contact via details in Handbook. Andy

  2. The indoor meet on Tuesday night was both interesting and entertaining. Plenty of sensible advice from Tim the physio. I’m clearly missing out by not attending the indoor meets on a regular basis. Well done Ellie and all the other members like Nettie and Andy who take the time to organise the indoor meets.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments, Liz. The next lectures are on 12th November Tom Livingstone; 3rd December William Rupp and Felix Terrell on climbing in Madagascar; and Martin Boysen on 11th February. Poster coming soon….

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