Pictures for this year’s RC Journal

Pictures for the Journal

It's helpful to have your pictures where you think they are appropriate in
an article. This helps me to insert them later as near as I can to the
intended placing.  However, we also need your pictures as separate file
attachments - jpeg, in as high a resolution as possible. We can't simply
take embedded files and use them.  This is mainly because the layout on a
Journal page will be different from a standard document page, and the
software can't handle embedded pictures. Also, when pictures are embedded
they are a lower resolution. 

When you send me the pictures separately, PLEASE send them as a FILE
ATTACHMENT. I can't use a picture embedded in an email - It's hard to
extract, and sometimes impossible, and again loses resolution. I realise,
these days, most phones put a picture in an email body when you send them.
Your phone email should also allow you to send as an attachment from the
picture library.

Many thanks

Neil Goldsmith Editor

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