Compensation for cancelled Ryan Air flights

Due to all the lock down stuff ‘im sure l lot of us have been trying to get some sort of refunds for flight cancellations/accomodation.Especially for the March Sun Rock Trip. I contacted Ryan Air through “Resolver” very prompt reply from Ryan Air” NO CHANCE” as its classed as EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES under EU legislation ,wondering if anyone has any success elsewhere.


  1. The usual Ryanair response. I think they are in breach of UK law and as the flight was booked in the OK and stared and the return ends in the UK, the governing law is UK. It might also be the case that the EU has viwed it differently. Go to the small claims court, that seems to be the only way with Ryanair. They won’t go bust, they’ve just declared 2BN euro profit for last year. I never use them unless there is no option.

  2. They won’t pay compensation, but they do need to refund cancelled flights and are breaking the law by trying to fob people off with vouchers. I got my money back by disputing the payment through my credit card company and requesting a chargeback. They need evidence that you have tried contacting Ryanair directly, but it was fairly quick and easy so I’d recommend it if you paid by credit card. More info here:–round-in-circles–as-they-continue-to-tr/

    Feel free to email me if you want a copy of the form I sent in. Good luck!

  3. I cancelled a couple of work flights with Ryanair and was offered a voucher rather than a refund (see text below):

    “You have recently received an email with a voucher code to the value of your original booking. Please note that this voucher is valid for 12 Months and can be used for your future travel plans, please note that if you do not use the voucher the voucher before the expiry date you will receive a full cash refund, in the event you use the voucher in part you will also receive the option of a voucher for the balance or a cash refund after the expire date.”

    Whilst I do believe that passengers have the right to a refund, the voucher seems like a reasonable way to help the airlines manage cashflow (whether Ryanair is particularly deserving of this consideration is another question!)

  4. We have succeeded in making a s.75 claim for cancelled British Airways flights from San Diego to Manchester early in April. We had booked them through an agency called Travelup that had the best price on Skyscanner when we booked the flights in Sept 2019. After BA cancelled the flights, BA said our recourse had to be via the agent, not through BA direct. Travelup said they would only give us vouchers. After 7 weeks from making our claim, which was easy to do, Amex paid up in full. Excellent credit card service, in our experience.

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