WhatsApp group for ad-hoc climbing

Hi Everyone.

With “official” Rucksack Club meets on C19 hold, I’ve set up a WhatsApp group to help people organise ad-hoc C19-safe climbing outings. I’ve started the ball rolling with a few of the “usual suspects” but if I’ve missed you then it’s easy to join the group – drop me a note with your mobile number to dominic@oughton.uk.com and I’ll add you 🙂

I should also just confirm that this is NOT an official communication channel for The Rucksack Club and any gatherings are NOT taking place as official Club meets.

Covid-19 Statement – stay safe out there and follow guidance – as the BMC says: “Be cautious in your actions, respectful of local communities and vigilant in avoiding transmitting the virus”

Hopefully catch up soon on a crag (at an appropriate distance!)

Cheers, Dom

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