Covid-19 Latest: National Lockdowns as of 6th January 2021

The BMC has provided updated guidance following the announcement that England will go into a national lockdown from today. They have also included links to the guidance for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, which are also highlighted below.

The full BMC guidance for England can be found here.

Wales has been in national lockdown since 18th December 2020 and full details can be found here.

For full details of the current Covid-19 rules elsewhere in the UK, click here for Scotland and here for Northern Ireland.

In summary, the BMC states: climbing and walking in England appears to be acceptable as a form of exercise under current guidance, but only if it can be done within your local area (now clearly defined). However, it is worth stressing once again the immense pressure the NHS is currently under and highlighting the need for everyone to dial back their aspirations to objectives well within their abilities.

I appreciate that this guidance will have a significant impact on many members, but hopefully we can look forward to a slow return to normality as the vaccination programme is rolled out. 

Andy Tomlinson



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