The Gallery

As promised, the January segment of ‘2021 – The Year in Pictures’ has just been published (many thanks to Ian Helliwell for the technical bits!). Published alongside it, is a gallery called ‘This Time Last Year’ which contains a handful of shots taken in January in years gone by. Obviously, it is not restricted to last year, so start looking at your snaps from Januarys and Februarys past for me to include in this particular gallery. Also looking forward to seeing your exploits from this February in due course!


  1. Great initiative Bill (& Ian). Really enjoyed scrolling through everyone’s photos. Fantastic memories of days out in the mountains, on the moors, on the crags & some even on the water!
    It just confirms our clubs wide variety of activities.
    Did anyone else spot the yellow holes in the snow on the photo of the Matterhorn summit ridge?

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