The Gallery

Whatever you are going to give up for Lent, do not let it be looking through your snaps for the February issue of the Club Gallery, which I will put out on Sunday the 28th. We have had some interesting changes in the weather over the last week or so and I will expect some surprises! The ‘This time last year’ segment is already looking good (you can’t have too many pictures of Cogne!) and I’m looking forward to reliving some ‘Sun Rock’ memories, as well as other shots of Club Members doing whatever they do.

As always, please make the job a bit easier for me. The Gallery software and myself would appreciate it if you would ‘rename’ your pictures (keep it short and snappy (!) and send them as email attachments, preferably as a zip file. Thanks.

PS I did say I would be choosing a ‘Goal of the Month’ but the quality of the January crop has made me realise that it would be unfair – they are all good! Keep them coming.

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