March Update: new Social Media pages, Covid-19 and Meets/Huts

Welcome to the March Update. We had a lively ‘Zoom’ Committee meeting at the end of February and following on from this there are three things to highlight:

Social Media: thanks to the hard work of four new committee members, we launched a new Club Instagram page and updated our public Facebook page on March 1st. We hope that by using these platforms to share photos and information about club activities it will make it easier for people to discover, and get involved with, the Club. You can help our social media presence by following either of these pages if you are already on Facebook or Instagram. Alternatively, you can find us on both at The Rucksack Club, or via the links on the Home Page of the website. Please tag/hashtag us in your posts on Instagram. If you have any photographs that you would be happy for us to share please email them over via and please include some information about the photos.

Covid-19: On 22nd February the government published its plan on how it hopes England will exit lockdown and the restrictions that have limited activities over the past year. It outlines how life could get back to normal and the BMC have provided a comprehensive guide to the key milestones for climbers and walkers which can be accessed at:

The Club’s Covid Officer will be keeping the Committee updated as guidance develops and we will ensure all members are made aware of changes too. Currently, a small change occurs from 8th March [though in practice it is minimal] and things are set to ease a little on 29th March when the ‘rule of six’ applies outdoors although overnight stays away from home will still not be allowed. We appreciate that this is frustrating for members, but these are necessary to ensure that the infection rates continue to fall allowing ever more increased freedom over the coming months.

The latest guidance for Wales can be found at:

Mountaineering Scotland’s latest advice can be found at:

Meets and Huts: Given the current guidance for England, the earliest Meets might commence is 17th May although hut usage will be severely restricted. If all goes as the Government plans, we should be back to ‘normal’ by late June. The Outdoor Meets Co-ordinator has pulled a complete programme of Meets together, soon to be published in the Handbook. Flexibility will be important and it is likely that we will try and run more than one Meet some weekends [across different disciplines] if there is the demand. Again, the Committee will be kept abreast of developments and members made aware of our recommendations for the recommencement of Meets and Hut usage.

Stay safe, get your vaccine when offered, and enjoy ‘getting out there’ locally.

Andy Tomlinson


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