Gogarth Meet 2021 – New dates: 3 & 4 July

With the publication of ‘The Roadmap’ we’ve had a rethink about Gogarth 2021 and moved it back a couple of weeks to 3 & 4 July, by which time it is hoped that most restrictions will be lifted, including the cap on 30 people meeting. Obviously, this is very much dependent on a whole bunch of things (not least of which will be England’s ‘data not dates’ and Wales’ decision whether or not to allow entry for the invading hoards!) The good news is that the tides are perfect (that much at least we can predict with confidence!)

Anyway, not withstanding all of the caveats, put it on your calendar:

…and start dusting off your bucket & spade (or rope and rack if you insist!) If nothing else, it’s a glimmer of hope to look forward to as we persevere through the next few months. Fingers crossed we’ll see you all there, and meanwhile here are a couple of piccies from previous Gogarth Meets to remind us all of what we missed out on last year!

Cheers, Dom & Helen

Cold but happy BBQ

Gogarth Meet BBQ 2019

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