April Update from the President

Welcome to the April update…how the last month has flown by and, looking at what I wrote in March, how things have changed over the month. We had a lively and positive Committee Meeting on 29 March and I would like to publicly thank all the members who have volunteered to be on the Committee. There are normally just five meetings a year, but with all that is going on at present, we have been meeting monthly and I think this will continue for 2 or 3 months more! I have three things to mention:


It is with great sadness that I have to report that 2 senior members of the Club, Geoff Bell and Dave Briggs died last week. Geoff was a past President of considerable distinction and one of the nicest people you could possibly wish to meet. He had a prodigious talent for long, arduous walks and bike rides done quite quickly! His ‘On the hill with…’ gives further insight into his adventurous life. Dave was the Father of the Club and was a past Warden of Beudy Mawr. Our sympathies go to both families at this difficult time.


Meets: Thanks to the efforts of the BMC, organised Meets were able to recommence this week. The first such meet was Wednesday evening climbing at Hobby Moor and I am running a day walk this coming Saturday [3 April]. I understand that there are day meets provisionally booked for the following two weekends…please keep an eye on the Website where all details will be posted. I appreciate that to join an ‘organised’ meet there is a need for more information at present, which has caused concern to some members. Please bear with us as it is not as difficult as first seems, allowing us to get back out together and, hopefully, will soon be unnecessary if the route out of lockdown continues uneventfully.


Huts: With three huts in different nations across the UK, it is highly likely that different time scales will have to be followed. What is clear is that they will be opened up slowly, first to one household in April and then, hopefully, two next month [May]. John Patrick [Craigallan] and Bill Deakin [Beudy Mawr] have posted details on the Website and those for High Moss will follow.


Have a great month enjoying the increased freedom and let’s hope the ‘data’ continues to go in the right direction to allow us to get back closer to normal soon.


Andy Tomlinson

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