Sponsored Everest Climb with MUMC in aid of Mountain Rescue

Update – the MUMC team topped out successfully, and with a bit of help from a late push by some Rucksackers went on to break through the 10,000m barrier. Job done! But there’s still time to donate to help push through the £1,000 barrier!


Original Post:

OK, we’re not actually going to climb Everest, but we are teaming up with MUMC to climb the height of Everest (8,848m) in just 12 hours!

We’re doing this to raise money for Mountain Rescue England and Wales to support the amazing work they do keeping us all safe in the hills.

Date: Wednesday 30th March
Time: 10am to 10pm

The main “push” is taking place at the Summit Up Climbing Wall, Oldham, OL1 3SE, and you can register here if you’d like to participate:


Alternatively (or as well!) the date coincides with the first Wednesday Evening climbing meet at Hobson Moor, so you can head there and then drop me a note of how many metres you’ve climbed and we’ll add it to the total.

… and if you can’t get to Oldham or Hobby, then climb something else and let me know – every metre counts!

Of course, the other way of getting involved is to make a donation – the event JustGiving page is linked directly to Mountain Rescue:


Please donate generously (and maybe mention The Rucksack Club in your comment?)

Cheers, Dom

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