Two halves make a whole? Marsden-Edale 7th January 2022

Marsden-Edale 7th January 2022
Due to the planned train strike for 6-7 January the Marsden-Edale will, once again, be a challenge in more than just the usual sense. However, in the words of Baldrick “I have a cunning plan…”
Given that it is highly likely that there will be no rail services on the day it is probable that a number members will find it difficult/impossible to arrange appropriate transport for the single. Given that the Meet is so popular, along with the social get together afterwards at the Ramblers, one option considered is whether some members would like to do a ~20 mile walk from Edale starting at 8am going via Ringing Roger, Madwoman’s Stones, Upper Ashop, Alport Castles, Grains-in-the-Water, Hern Clough, Bleaklow Head – then return to Edale via the traditional M-E route… the aim would be to meet up with members doing the traditional M-E route at Bleaklow Head around 1pm. Given mobile phones/GPS this should be very possible! If any members are interested in this alternative could they get in touch with me and I can then arrange for someone to co-ordinate this “Two halves make a whole” route allowing a good day out of equal challenge followed by early doors at the Ramblers!
People who manage to arrange lifts are welcome to join me as usual at Marsden at the end of Wessenden Rd (GR SE048107 OS South Pennines OL 21 map) for a 7:45 start. Hopefully meeting up with the “two haves make a whole” team on the way and finishing at The Ramblers in Edale. 
Granville Toyn will be doing a reduced form of his world famous soup kitchen again at Woodhead (car park at the start of the old road to Glossop) and later at Upper North Grain on the Snake Pass. Granville writes: “Because of the continuing prevalence of covid and flu, and the fact that I really do not have proper washing up facilities for the soup bowls and spoons for the next people, I propose to do tea, coffee, chocolate and water for bottles. Along with a plentiful supply of cakes and biscuits. Can all participants please carry their own mugs for brews and drinks, this will greatly reduce the transmission of covid. As for cost, I will have a donation tin to Mountain Rescue for people to put whatever they can spare after Christmas.
Granville keeping the troops fed and watered.
Please keep an eye on the website for last minute changes…

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