‘2022 – The Year in Pictures’ for the Gallery

As in previous years, I’m on with the round up of pictures depicting the Club’s activities during the year. If you want any of your snaps to be considered for inclusion, please send me your ‘best of …’ as soon as possible. Some of the CAC calendar climbing shots will feature but I’m keen to use images that reflect the wide range of what we do, whether its Type 2 fun or not! Landscape, portrait, people, places – all welcome (but only your best!).
I know that some of you have sent me pictures during the year – please have another look in your collections and send me your photographic creme de la creme again (it will at least save me having to cruelly throw some of them onto the cutting room floor).
And please remember – I know little about fancy formats. Just send me jpegs as email attachments, with all the numbers changed to a title people can understand (a very brief description and photo credit is enough).
Looking forward to being inundated.
In the meantime, Happy New Year to all!

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