Marsden-Edale 7 January 2023: Two halves make a whole? Update

I have run out of ideas as to how I can do a single M2E as a result of the planned rail strikes, so I will do the circuit from Edale Ian [Helliwell] has suggested [the Two halves make a whole]. I am happy to coordinate if anyone else would like to join me. I plan to leave the public car park in Edale at 8am and take the route proposed: Ringing Roger, Madwoman’s Stones, Upper Ashop, Alport Castles, Grains-in-the-Water, Hern Clough, Bleaklow Head – then return to Edale via the traditional M-E route. Depending upon rate of progress, enthusiasm and the weather, there is always the option of shortening this route by heading down Upper North Grain from Alport Moor if need be. The plan is to meet up with anyone who has been able to overcome the transport issues and is doing the traditional route around Bleaklow Head and return with them. If anyone wishes to join me please contact me via and/or let Ian know.


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