Rucksack Club Survey 2022

We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the Rucksack Club. The survey contains a number of questions covering all aspects of the Club and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.   Each section also has free text box where you can provide any additional comments you may have.

The survey will run until 31 January 2023, after which the results will be analysed by the committee and anonymised results shared with the membership.   The purpose of the survey is to help guide the committee in running the Rucksack Club over the next few years.   Should the feedback result in a direction change for the Club then that will follow the normal governance process (AGM etc.).

We have constructed the survey to allow you to complete this anonymously, but would encourage you to populate as much of the demographic data as you are comfortable with. This data significantly increases the value of the survey and insights we can make.

To complete the survey click here

If you experience any problems completing the survey please contact Mark Jenneson.

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